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Shinjuku. One of the wonders of the world. Maybe not, but if you have never been to a big city you may think so when you come to this section of Tokyo! Shinjuku is one of the 23 wards or sections that make up Tokyo proper as opposed to the "prefecture" of Tokyo that includes suburbs and mountains. Shinjuku is a major commercial hub. EVERYTHING is here from shops to businesses and major corporations to nightlife to art to major transportation hubs and people and neon! Lot's of Neon! Being a broad mix of neighborhoods and businesses across the ward, most visitors focus on the major mini megalopolis around the huge Shinjuku station zone that extends out a few kilometers in every direction.

Besides commercial centers, there are a number of colleges and universities in Shinjuku and museums and cultural centers. Now that you know Shinjuku is a MAJOR player in A MAJOR city..what's in it for the tourist? Everything. First Shinjuku's main train station is one of the world's busiest. This area (as well as the surrounding blocks within walking distance) is full of every level of shopping imaginable! To the west is the sky scraper district including the Metropolitan Government building for a free
fantastic aerial view. To the (north) east is Kabukicho, the red light district and the surrounding areas full of cheap delicious eateries and shops! There is Golden Gai to the east, a shanty town of cheap bars and snack shops frequented by artisans and musicians and the like. Omoide Yokocho or Piss Alley, is an old network of tiny alleys and tiny bars with awesome home style food and drink!

Need nature? Shinjuku Gyoen (park) is a big park that on busy afternoons is surprisingly tranquil. More culture? Not too far away is a growing Korea town in the Shin Okubo district. Amazing food and many visitors from Korea daily. Did I mention shopping? Some of the world's biggest department stores are here as well as a million boutiques everywhere. Electronics shops galore! The Ni Chome (the last E like Egg) area is the most well known Gay area. For you movie buffs the Park Hyatt Hotel is located in Shinjuku! OK..there are a ton of karaoke and small entertainment establishments all over Shinjuku. Spend a few days wandering INTO places. There is always something just around the corner here!

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