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An ever more popular diving destination that’s tourist numbers seem to soar on an almost day by day basis, Sharm El Sheikh makes its name though an enticing mix of adventure and relaxation, and is fast catching even the pyramids as Egypt’s most popular spot.

For many, it’s all about the diving. You can indulge in any level here, from absolute beginner to advanced, deep water diving and all the various certifications in between. The views are immense, with vibrant colors, impressive drop offs and even a selection of sharks and barracudas that will get you drooling over the inside of your mask. Of course, the nearby spots are intensely popular, and often crowded with divers, so it might be worth exploring options further afield (including a range of day trips) if you’re the type who prefers a little underwater space.

If you’re not here for the diving, you’re probably going to spend most of your time either lying around the pool at whichever high-end resort you’ve decided to crash at, or indulging in the array of other adventure activities. Quad biking, camel trekking, parasailing, horseback riding and an impressive assortment of other water sports can be tracked down through the city (and out in the desert), with more excitement popping up on an almost daily basis at this ever-growing tourist haven.

What you won’t find is much in the way of the more traditional side of Egypt: only a few decades ago, this was all a small fishing port, and that’s certainly not a side of the city you’ll have much luck tracking down these days, with a bustling center having fast replaced it.

Lots of vendors are selling souvenirs, but keep in mind to bargain like it is common in the whole country.

You’ll have to head elsewhere to experience the ‘real’ Egypt, then, but that’s no reason to write Sharm El Sheikh off: you wont find a better diving destination anywhere near Europe, and the lively (but pricey) nightlife and array of other adventure-fuelled activities are worth the hassle, too.

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