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2/1, Moscow, Russia - (095) 783-6868

Shanti Moscow Reviews

lightlana lightlana
2 reviews
Lounge Jul 10, 2011
The Best fresh juces you can find in Moscow are in Shanti. I advise you reserve a private tables/rooms. Also try there Kalyan. This place is really good for after party with light Vietnamese food and healthy teas.
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annouska_213 annouska…
1 reviews
May 27, 2007
This is one of the best restaurants ever!!(No,they don't pay me..Although they should!!I've been telling about this place everywhere!)

1.It has THE atmosphere!It has a gallery with art originated from Tibet.

2.It has THE food!Honestly,the "Grilled chicken fillet yakitory" I tasted..I felt the chicken actually melt in my mouth!It was soo soft!And you should definitely try the soups(I love the Tom Yam soups)!

3.It has different DJ's every day,from electro,ambient,ethnic etc gendres.It all sounds good!(OK,I admit it,I haven't been there every day,but from what I have heard,it all is gently combined with the atmosphere)

OK,I cut down a little bit of my enthousiasm,to write some useful stuff,and not only Ahhh and Ohhhs!

So it serves food mainly from the Vietnamese cousine.I found out that,as Vietnam was a French colony,vietnamese dishes combine the exotic with the refined taste of french couisine!So it has almost nothing to do with Chinese food.Also,they bring all the vegetables and the herbs directly from Vietnam.

In addition every different day of the week,they have a special menu.So Monday could be Japan food,Tuesday Korean etc!

In addition (wow,my rich vocabulary!!) they offer a WIDE variety of tea!They work not only as restaurant,but also as a tea loundge,and they have the most imaginative collection of Thai tea!

As a conclusion I want to say two things:a. I have this thing,I really judge a place by its toilet(I said it last,so as not to spoil your appetite!).And Shanti won't disappoint u!(the other sentence I wanted to write was "Shanti has a great toilet".No,I'm not 12!!)

And b.Mind that I have never been to Southeast Asia,so I haven't tried the food there!So maybe if I had I could add a "compared to original asian restaurants..".But I can't,so my review is based on the west-restauranian experience I have!!

So,if you are in Moscow,visit (and say Anna send u,so I can get my share),and please tell me if u liked it or not!!

Oh,it has one negative side too,this resataurant:from wednesday till sunday it has a dress code!!That is a little bit snobbish!!And I don't no what they mean by dress code,I was dressed pretty normal!Probably not to shaggy or something..

P.S.I was joking about the share..
The interior!
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