Shanghai Maglev Train

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2100号 Longyang Road, Shanghai, China
021 2890 7777
Shanghai Maglev Train - Fly in the air to 431 km/h
Shanghai Maglev Train - Fly in the air to 431 km/h
Shanghai Maglev Train - I'm fascinated by the speed but unbenounced to my eyes/brain I think 'boy we aren't travelling fast' the windows are made of decelerating glass; you think you're travelling slow to average when actually you reach speeds of 431kms/hr WOW
Shanghai Maglev Train - Getting back on!
Shanghai Maglev Train - To the museum we go, to learn who and how this mode of transportation was developed and where the idea of magnetism for transportation came from ... very interesting

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Speeding bullet Feb 01, 2009
From Shanghai financial district runs the Maglev (magnetice levitation) train to the Airport of Shanghai. It's the one AND only maglev train in the world wich runs fully operational. The train was tested and build in germany. The train has a speed of 435 km/h (record is 581km/h) and does the 30 km track to the airport in less than 7 minutes.

China is planning to extend the existing Shanghai Maglev Train, initially by some 35 kilometers to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and then 200 kilometers to the city of Hangzhou (Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev Train). If built, this would be the first inter-city maglev rail line in commercial service.
sylviandavid says:
We rode a pretty fast train from Shanghai to Shouzou... but not this fast! sylvia
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009
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row-zzzzz row-zzzzz
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Transportation with the Maglev Train of Shanghai!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 12, 2008
Our Shanghai tour guide asked us if we would like to experience the Maglev train, when I found out how fast it was, and I couldn't pass it up. I'm glad to have had this opportunity though it wasn't part of the original package; our tour guide suggested it, and fit it into the schudule she had already planned out for us in Shanghai.

This is an experience that people of Shanghai may use as a means of transportation to get to/from the airport on time.

When we got off the Maglev, we walked around the airport for a good 45 minutes, picked up a coffee and looked in some shops … we realized the time & quickly went back to the train, and got back on the next train.

Returning our tour guide thought we were a bit late; we told her we walked the airport and returned missing a couple of trains OOOPS.

The Maglev museum, at the station, will show you: the founder, its history, and the WINDOWS they use > decelerating glass making objects outside appear to move at a normal speed, though we were traveling at 431kms/hr, GO FIGURE ... YOU MUST GO FOR THE TRIP ON THE MAGLEV TRAIN!!
I'm fascinated by the speed but un…
Getting back on!
To the museum we go, to learn who …
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row-zzzzz says:
This is one ride Andrea, that goes very fast, but you don't even know it (or feel it)!!!!
Posted on: Apr 08, 2009
row-zzzzz says:
Thanks Jean; what a thrill it was, I'm so glad we had the opportunity ... each tour guide can do that little extra or just what they have to ... well in Beijing, he only did what he had too, but in Guilin and Shanghai the girls there did that little extra to promote their cities!!!
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
jennjeff1 says:
Please post this to the Public Transit TB Group Row-zzzzz! ;-)
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
pacovera pacovera
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Jul 24, 2006
The train bleats is a wonder of the technique. The Chinese joke, they make the Germans and they prove it in China. It is incredible as the 120 km/h are seen automobiles by the freeway as they are advanced by this train. That would say the first motorists of century 19 if they rose this? FLY TO 431 KM/H.....
Fly in the air to 431 km/h
pacovera says:
Hello Steven
I dont know that train
Include a review.
Posted on: Sep 10, 2006
stevenguyen says:
Those are some awesome pictures... did you know Japanese bullet trains go even faster than that?
Posted on: Sep 03, 2006

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