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Seafood at its best! Jan 09, 2011
Sægreifinn, meaning the Sea Baron, is located on the old harbor area of Reykjavik.

Don't expect fancy seating, the small restaurant have several long wooden tables with stools, and the ceiling and walls decorated with nets, sea animals, and seafaring objects.

The prices are not cheap - but they are definitely worth it! A large cup of the lobster soup (1000 ISK) was delicious - not too creamy nor salty, with just a hint of spice. I ordered monkfish (1800 ISK) - to be grilled. It was sweet and oh so juicy! Bread was served on the side. Icelandic beverages are on sale from soda to schnapps to beer.

We got the chance to meet the owner, too! He has a picture and painting that is proudly hang on the wall.
Sægreifinn: Variety of fish on th…
Sægreifinn: minke whale
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Lobsterrific Soup. Nov 03, 2010
When you're in Reykjavik, you have to come to this place to try out the lobster soup and other dishes. We got to know of this place from the previous review. Thus, credits go to this reviewer.

Anyway, there are a few blocks painted in turquoise/teal, when we were there, we didn't know which one to go to (and they belong to the restaurant). Two nice ladies who were working there (luckily there were outside) told us that we had to go to the first block. Yup, the one facing the carpark.

When we entered, it was really nicely decorated and you do feel cosy. I wouldn't say it is like those kind of fancy old furnished restaurant but more of a fisherman's hangout. The place was dressed with many framed up photos of the owner and other stuff. A photo of him surrounded with many ladies (that photo is never a missed, you'll definitely notice it, wouldn't it be any man's dream?) Packets of vacuumed sealed fishes in one of the opened-display cold fridges. Another was covered up clear containers of different types of fish pieces on a stick (pretty much like kebab) and another opened-display for drinks (the lower part has water jugs and plastic-disposable cups for you to take and drink, FREE!)

Two rows of long wooden tables and I really like this cute-authentic idea of using fish barrels as stools! You'll get the idea when you check out the photos.

We ordered two bowls of lobster soup, I must say the serving is rather generous and is good enough as a meal because there's a free-flow of BREAD! I love it when something's free :D Hehehehe...

It isn't the cheapest but hey! It is worth it because it is LOBSTER! Well, and other seafood bits in there. We went there the first time and we were like, 'Yeah! Just exactly what the reviewer said, that it was good.' Pretty much, we went there the second time on our last night. I guess it has been a ritual/habit for us whenever we vacation, on our last evening, we would go to our favourite place to eat out (if there's no nice place to revisit, we would probably find another new place).

The service is good. Really nice ladies/girls serving us. They're really friendly! Oh, I must mention this, I was really curious of how Hákarl or kæstur hákarl tasted. It is fermented shark's meat, in other words, rotten shark's meat. This is something different from other stuff in this world (OK, except Greenland whereby they do the same method too, putting seals' or was it sea lions' flippers into a bucket and buried it for 3 months or more before consuming?). Yup, I thought maybe they might have it so why not ask if they do? I asked and they did have a sample for us to try!

How would I describe Hákarl or kæstur hákarl?

It was yellowish-white/off-white. The smell was 'wonderful', it has a strong stench of ammonia. Once it is in your mouth, the ammonia smell isn't as strong as it is in your mouth thus, it didn't taste that bad UNLESS you concentrate on the flavour. Well then, you will taste the ammonia and the meat is tough, thus chewy. There's this fatty feeling that will cover your mouth. You will get this fishy breath and if you were to use your fingers to eat, yup...you get fishy-smelling fingers! Some Icelanders like it and would eat it like some delicacy (like how the Dutch enjoy their Haring) but we have come across many who didn't like it. I'm going to rate the rotten shark's meat as 2 out of 5. It takes an eccentric-palate to enjoy this Icelandic delicacy.

Oh well, I must say that I'm happy and glad to have tried it. Now I know how that tasted and what more know how the texture of shark's meat is like.

Of course, after that, we enjoyed our lobster soup...and correct me if I were wrong but I think the mugs/cups they were using for the soup were from IKEA! By the way, it cost us 2200 ISK for two bowls of the lobster soup (with free-flow of bread in the basket, they included butter too).

I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who is planning to go to Reykjavik. There are many tourists who popped by there, trust me...we saw it from our eyes. One from Switzerland, Australia and USA and many more! AHHHHHH...I would love to visit Iceland again because of its nature and THAT lobster soup. OK...I'm hungry now.
Close up.
Inside. (The free water is in the …
Outside, near Piri Piri.
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Chokk says:
Sounds great - sorry I missed out on the one
Posted on: Feb 27, 2011

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