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The land of dreamy, once in a lifetime holidays and romance-laden honeymoons - and for good reason - the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles are home to tortoises drifting amongst angled palms, resorts that you’ll need to own a company to stay at, and wind-carved granite formations sitting on deserted beaches, giving the Seychelles an other-worldly feel, one that’s utterly steeped in slow-paced romance.

Exploring the more secluded of the islands – and there are plenty to choose from – allows you to slow life down to a pace where, were it not for the flight home, you’d probably forget time exists altogether. The verdant island cores welcome jungle hikers into the hills, where nuts as large as 20kgs dangle from the trees and giant land tortoises forage, while snorkeling and diving amongst the offshore coral and phenomenal marine life draws in aqua lovers.

Of course, with all that sea life around, there’s a tasty fishy theme to the food, too. Pralin’s restaurants are the place to sample it, where you can watch the sun go down over a meal of super-fresh fish curry washed down with Seybrew lager and followed by a sticky coconut pudding: tropical paradise for the pallet.

Animal lovers are in for a treat, with swimming amongst toothy sharks an option for the daring at aptly named Shark Bank, or living amongst nature on the secluded Bird Islands offering the ultimate in Crusoe-esque getaways. The Vallee de Mai could be caricatured as the land of the coconuts, and is something of a modern day Eden, though the entry price is noticeably pricey. If botany is your thing, the astonishing habitats of the Morne Syechellois National Park – mountain peaks towering over marshy mangroves, leading to an impressive natural range – are inspiring, too.

Then there’s the old-world pirate treasure hunt of Silhouette, which looks exactly like it sounds like it should, the laid back vibes of La Digue, where stunningly welcoming locals envelope the tired traveler, and 113 other little corners of floating paradise to make the most of. And while it’s perfect with a loved one, the natural greens and blues are more than a little seductive without one, too.

Mahe #1 most popular location
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Praslin #2 most popular location
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La Digue #3 most popular location
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Victoria #4 most popular location
With 115 islands scattered over 870,000 square miles of warm crystal clear waters, Seychelles offers an ever-expanding variety of experiences to the visitor seeking quality and diversity. F…
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Beau Vallon #5 most popular location
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