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Awesome bathing spot outside of Trogir Jul 09, 2010
I have a few adopted properties on this peninsula that is off the beaten path from Trogir to Primosten. The place I am most fond of is right on the northerly front, which receives most of the "pusha bura". The southerly side (less than 100 yds) is usually balmy with standard Croatian beach sand (rocky, but not with outcropping boulders).

There is one small market for the local holiday vacationer's and several apartmente for those looking for a night, two, or several with seclusion/privacy for good family times or romantic nights.

The drive is tough - one lane so you have to struggle with those who are passing you by up and down the treacherous road. Getting to the base of Sevid and near the water is a maze of turns. I memorized it after a few day's going between the Trogir or Primosten marketplaces for fresh chicken, fish, vegetables (blitve), and kruh.

This will be my third time visiting in 4 years. As an American, I love this place more than any other place in the USA. It's quiet, very European, and a friendly place to gather for parties. Croatia is #1.
Smellsogood says:
Hi Mustanggt2010. Quite ironic since I have a 2010 Shelby GT500. Yes, Croatia is quite cool if you travel with a friend or family. Lots to do or not to do depending.
Posted on: May 08, 2011
mustanggt2010 says:
I like your review of Croatia! Never would have given it any thought for a vacation spot but the fact that it is quiet and off the beaten path is probably a good thing. The road less traveled I guess! And, it's interesting you say it's good for family times, romantic nights as well as a friendly place to gather for parties. I hope you've had the opportunity to experience all three there! Sounds like a cool place.
Posted on: May 02, 2011
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