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JudgeDredd JudgeDre…
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Aug 25, 2007
edcstewart asks:

"Several months traveling Europe with friends: When, what, how should I prepare? How do I budget for this? Need any advice to help make it happen!"

I have found some of the best times to travel over in Europe are either early Spring, or in the Fall(off season). The crowds are less, and the cost is substantially less. There are some drawbacks to traveling at this time; with less crowds some things might be closed or have limited hours. Not sure what you want to see or do over in Europe. I would suggest having a basic outline of what you would like to see, besides that just be open to go check out places. I like to stay in hostels while traveling in Europe. One, it's a more affordable way of traveling. Two, it allows you to meet fellow travelers and learn from their travels. People love to talk about their adventures. As for preparing for the trip. Save your money, with the weakening US dollar it is getting expensive over there! If you want to make your dollar stretch; spend a good portion of your time in Eastern Europe, the further East the better. Pack as little as you possibly can. It really sucks packing around a pack that weighs 60+lbs. I have been there and really don't want to repeat that! Depending on who you find for travel buddies, I would suggest this on paying. Each person in the group takes out the exact amount of cash each time from the ATM. If someone in the group wants to buy a gift, or wants to spend a lot on drinks they just take out more for their expenditures. I have seen groups of travelers go to pay for a hostel and pull out a notepad and try to figure out who payed for what over the last few weeks and who owes more money towards the night stay. It was quite funny! If each traveler takes out the same amount then you just pay until you all run out. From night stays, food, entertainment, travel..etc..etc...The money thing will work itself out.

Take a lot of pictures, keep a journal and try to meet as many locals as you can. It is always nice having a local show you around their home town. You will find people are generally VERY friendly over in Europe.

Don't try to see everything on your first trip. If you do you will run yourself ragged! Know that more than likely you will return over the course of your life to see more. After all, traveling is an addiction!
Brandenburg Gate: May 23, 2005. T…
JudgeDredd says:
Yes indeed my brother...someone must keep the drinks a comin' that is for sure. Still remember the only time I saw you jealous of any drink I got was in Salzburg in '05 when I got the ice water with ALL that ice during their heatwave.
Posted on: Apr 19, 2012
jiberwacker says:
I suspect this comment was directed at me? "If someone in the group wants to buy a gift, or wants to spend A LOT ON DRINKS". Well, someone's got to do it!
Posted on: Apr 13, 2012
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