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viksav viksav
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Bad Customer Service!! Dec 13, 2011
I wish I could give it a 1/2 star!! I'm a working professional engineer and the first thing we are or any professional is taught in the job is to treat a customer with respect and humility. I don't care if this is one of the best restaurants in the world but if customer service sucks as it was, I will not dare to step in even if it's the last restaurant standing.

We as a group (10 people) from "Travbuddy" were out visiting NYC on Saturday, December 10th, and decided to end our great day by having dinner at Serendipty 3. The first thing I'm not happy about is that they don't take reservations over phone. To my knowledge, most restaurants take reservation either online or through phone. But here in Serendipty, someone has to personally go and put your name on their so called waiting list and you will be allotted a reservation after "4hrs". We understand this place is small and very busy, so we were ok with the 4 hr wait time and decided to continue our tour of the city.

We had read from the reviews in the past that the some people were not allotted the table for turning up 5 minutes late and were made to wait more than ½ hour, so we decided to reach the place 10 minutes earlier. The first thing I noticed was the rude behavior of this guy at the door managing the entire reservations/waiting list. He said we couldn't sit together and that they have to split our group. This was a shocker because they never said they had an issue with a group of 10 when we made our reservation 4 hrs back. Initially we argued but then we finally gave in and agreed to split our group.

We waited outside and it was freezing cold and windy; the guy at the door tested our patience each time we enquired about the status. He bluntly replied that we will be called when the tables are ready. We waited for 30 minutes in the cold even though we made reservation 4 hours back. To the top of it, this guy had a nerve to show "I don't care attitude". I don't care if this restaurant serves the best desert in the NYC but I'm not going to recommend this place to my friends or my travel buddies on Travbuddy. I will much rather go to a Deli and have a desert if they treat me well.
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sydny says:
Oh noooo! I thought the initial 3 hour wait Leann mentioned was bad. Hope the dessert was at least good!
Posted on: Dec 15, 2011
hams518 says:
BOOOOOO to a 4+ hour wait list!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2011
Glynnes says:
Hey Vikram, Thanks for taking the time to write the review. Serendipty was a true disappointment, never again.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2011
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Alessio88 Alessio88
2 reviews
Locale particolare e interessante Aug 03, 2011
Il Serendipity3 e' un locale molto particolare e ricercato presente a NY.

La maggior gloria di questo locale e' dovuta a due elementi:

1)Il fatto che e' stato girato nelle sale un film dal titolo omonimo;

2)Il famoso Frrozen Chocalate che servono al loro interno (prodotto esclusivamente loro con tanto di marchio registrato).

Il locale e' molto particolare e curato,le decorazioni cosi come la disposizione dei tavoli e delle stanza in generale sono molto curate,facendo in modo che ovunque so posi lo sguardo si possa trovare un qualcosa di particolare da osservare,il clima e l'atmosfera sono molto particolari,da al tempo stesso una sensazione di relax e "galateo" inteso proprio come un sentirsi "importanti".

I piatti sono normali,niente di eccezionale ma neanche malaccio,il famoso Frrozen Chocolate e' si buono ma niente di incredibili per i palati navigati e a maggior ragione per i palati italiani.

I prezzi sono leggermente piu' alti della media,ma in generale non si puo' dire che non sia un bellissimo locale.

Consigliatissimo specialmente se in coppia.
graceyg says:
oh that i miss Serendipity!oooh yummy delicious frozen hot chocolate!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2013
clairerich81 claireri…
13 reviews
Would recommend to anyone! Jul 20, 2009
Serendipity is based on 225 East. 60th St, NYC. I think there are 2 more throughout the USA but not sure where. Serendipity is famous for its Frrozen Hot Chocolate (no I haven't inserted an extra 'r' in frozen - that’s how to spell it!!) and most of the desserts. It is also a general store where you can buy t-shirts, mugs etc etc....

I need to stress you MUST book well in advance and not just turn up. We booked a table and were told to come back in over 1 hour, so we amused ourselves and by the time we had got back there was a queue right out the door with people waiting up to 40mins, so please be aware of this. For anyone that is interested, for this 1 hour I decided to get on the aerial tram to Roosevelt Island which was only about a 5 min walk from the meant another places I'd seen and it killed some time!! (They also filmed a spooky major film there....anyone guess??)

Inside, it is actually quite small but the staff manage to move around and still give quick I wasn't complaining. :). Our waiter was lovely and pleasant.

I basically wanted to go here because of the movie Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack.. and even though the film was made in 2001 and I didn't go to 2008 I could still recognize the place and even where the pair sat in the restaurant!

So you will see from my photos that the desserts are roughly about $13 which you might be way - too expensive. Well yeah you're right, but the size sooo makes up for it! I took pictures of each dessert and even the frrozen hot chocolate. Well worth my money!!!!

In November 2007, Serendipity unveiled a $25,000 dessert called the "Frrrozen Haute Chocolate," which Guinness World Records declared the world's most expensive desert.
Cant Say No Sundae
Forbidden Broadway sundae
Strawberry Fields Sundae
Serendipity 3!
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luistyle619 says:
Hey I want to go there too!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
Sunflower300 says:
Great review!!!!
I want! I want! I want!!! LOL
It's a popular place, I see there are a few other reviews on it. I can't wait to go there myself and write my own review on it. No doubt, it will get another feature. :D Everybody loves chocolate!
Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to go and get fat now by looking at your gorgeous photos. :)
Posted on: May 09, 2009
jennjohn5 says:
Thanks for the review - I loved Serendipity when I went there!!
Posted on: Feb 17, 2009
pinchora pinchora
162 reviews
The best DESSERT ever! Jan 21, 2008
So I've been wanting to go to Serendipity 3 for a while... since I saw the movie Serendipity and saw Kate Bekinsale and John Cusak sharing a moment at the cafe eating a frozen hot chocolate, what looked like the most decident dessert I've ever seen. It took me 7 trips to New York City since that moment and Brandon thought that Frozen Hot Chocolate sounded disguisting and asked me if I thought I might be over exciting myself... I said yes, I quite possibly could be. But we went in there... this time it wasn't a long wait at all... like 5 minutes--I had a chance to go one other time and the wait was an hour and 20 minutes so I had to back out... so note to self if you go, if the weather isn't 5 degrees F outside then make reservations! But biting into that first spoonful was like kissing the man of your dreams for the first time... that anticipation and build up did not let me down! Brandon ended up getting regular chocolate cake and ended up dissapointed; which is good because the goblet full of frozen hot chocolate needs to be split by 2 people!
Frozen Hot Chocolate
Brandon upset because his chocolat…
pinchora says:
it is a nice place... yeah... all the other times I went, I went by myself, I would have needed reservations as the wait was really long. This time I dragged Brandon along... at first he wasn't happy but he did like the frozen hot chocolate...
Posted on: Aug 05, 2008

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