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One of the former six republics making up the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia sits atop one of the major land routes between Central Europe and Turkey, and is considered a Balkan country. Bordered by Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia is sandwiched in between the Southern and Eastern countries of Europe, smack-dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful countryside on the planet. Unfortunately, its troubled history has given pause to most modern travelers, and it has only been in the last few years that the country has begun to shake off its former reputation and become a viable destination for European adventures.

Comfortable for all levels of travelers, Serbia is a country whose terrain is as varied as its cultural and ethnic traditions. From rich, fertile plains of farmland to the Balkan Mountains and various forests, lakes, and rivers, this is an eco-tourist’s dream-come-true. There are a variety of visitors who make their way here in the summer months, and English is understood by the majority of the populace, making it easy to get around.

First-time visitors will want to start with a capital city of Belgrade so you can experience the Serbian cuisine, culture, architecture, and museums up close. There is a pulsing heart that beats within Serbia, and Belgrade is most certainly the place where you can feel it throbbing beneath you. From here, you can stretch out your legs and begin to explore the countryside, from the various monasteries to the ancient medieval castles and Byzantine structures. The country is a vast landscape of rolling hills and lushly wooded valleys and mountains, making for perfect hiking or driving conditions. Alternatively, taking a train through the countryside can give you a glimpse of the inner beauty, although the train cars to other Eastern European countries can be shockingly old and dirty for Western travelers used to more luxurious accommodations.

Belgrade #1 most popular location
Serbia’s capital has an ancient Roman and Celtic history dating back to the 4th century, and has grown to a modern city of more than two million people, glistening with attractive ancient r…
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Novi Sad #2 most popular location
A culturally rich and tourist friendly city, Novi Sad is located in northern Serbia, and it is the 3rd largest city in the country. With a population of about 300,000, it makes for a perfect…
75travelers 12reviews 12blogs
Nis #3 most popular location
Nis (Niš/Ниш) is third largest city in Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Balkans. It was given the name Naissus by a Celtic tribe that succumbed to Romans around the time of Christ'…
21travelers 4reviews 1blogs
Pristina #4 most popular location
Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, the world's newest country having just declared independence on 17 February 2008. Pristina's population is about 600,000. Pristina lies in these geograp…
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Subotica #5 most popular location
Subotica (Суботица) is a very unique town in northern Serbia, only 10 km from the border with Hungary. It is located in the Bačka region of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, 150 …
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Prizren #6 most popular location
A lovely town situated in the southwestern part of Kosovo near the border with Albania and on the main Tirane-Prishtina road. The town and nearby hilltop ruins of a fortress make an ideal day…
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Palic #7 most popular location
Palic is small city close to Subotica and Hungarian border. Palic is favorite weekend spot for its lake park, called Palic Lake. Colorful architecture includes few castles, water towers and b…
Zemun #8 most popular location
Zemun (Земун) used to be a separate town on the banks of Danube, but now is a municipality that is part of the City of Belgrade. It was established in the 3rd century by a Celtic tribe…
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Negotin #9 most popular location
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Novi Pazar #10 most popular location
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Kosovo #11 most popular location
Kosovo is a region in southeastern Europe. In antiquity, the Dardanian kingdom, and later Roman province of Dardania was located in the region. It was part of Serbia in the Middle Ages, durin…
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Cacak #12 most popular location
Čačak (Serbian Cyrillic: Чачак, pronounced [t͡ʃǎːt͡ʃak]) is a city in west-central Serbia. Čačak lies on the Zapadna Morava river, which is the second largest river in Serbia a…
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Bela Crkva #13 most popular location
Prolom #14 most popular location
Aleksinac #15 most popular location
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Merdare Border Control #16 most popular location
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Kaona #17 most popular location
Kaona is a location of Monastery outside of the village Dreaginje, municipality Vladimirci in Western Serbia region named Mačva. It is known for the Kaona Monastery, a Serbian Orthodox Monas…
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Becej #18 most popular location
Becej is a town located in the Vojvodina on the right side of the River Tisa. Becej is an ethnically mixed town and municipality. In the city there is an iodine resort, which was built in 1…
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Deneral Jankovic #19 most popular location
Herceg Novi #20 most popular location
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Kursumlija #21 most popular location
Loznica #22 most popular location
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Lozovik #23 most popular location
Crni Vrh #24 most popular location
Vinca #25 most popular location
Vinča is the name of a large archeological find, located on the Danube River. The Vinča culture was an early culture of Europe; between the 6th and the 3rd millennium BC. It was a metropoli…
Zlatibor #26 most popular location
Zlatibor (Златибoр) is a very popular mountain range in Serbia. It is located in south west part of Serbia, not far from the border with Bosnia. Part of the Dinaric Alps, and only 230 …
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Pec #27 most popular location
Zica #28 most popular location
Devils Town #29 most popular location
Horgos #30 most popular location