Sequoia National Park

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Sequoia National Park, California, United States

Sequoia National Park Sequoia National Park, California Reviews

drmorrisj drmorrisj
27 reviews
Sequoia National Park was worth it! Nov 11, 2012
Sequoia National Park

The park itself was awesome. Getting there was a bit difficult. At the entrance gate, we were told to go back into town and get chains for the tires. That was a bummer as it was 45 minutes down the hill and 45 minutes back up. Ok, no problemo.

We drove to O’Neill Autoparts in Sanger, and then skipped right back up. The lady who opened the window said, “Do you have 4-wheel drive?” I replied yes and then she let us in. I was kind of upset, because she did not ask for chains. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I am in the U.S. Army and this is Veterans Day Weekend. Well, whatever, we drove in for free (so that was nice) because it was Veterans Day Weekend. Right before we got to General Grant’s tree (the third largest tree in the world), I had to put on the chains that I just purchased (for $100). I struggled with it for approximately 30 minutes in the freezing cold. It was so cold that I had to take shifts outside of the SUV, because my hands kept feeling numb. After I got the chains on, they fell off. That really made me mad, but I did not let the kids see my frustration. I just kept smiling, because I wanted to them to see Daddy in a good mood. Some nice guys helped me get the chains off and told me that the ice was not that heavy on the road.

After we arrived at the parking lot (which was only 3 minutes down the road) we got out and started walking along the path. The trees were HUGE! I could not believe how large the trees were. One tree that was cut down 100 years ago had a diameter of 24 feet. That is inconceivable in this day.

General Grant’s tree was beautiful. It actually contains a burn mark in the back. I took several pictures of it from multiple different perspectives. The most ridiculous part of the trip was when I started rattling off at the mouth about how great General Grant was, but then I realized that my son is only 6 and there was only so much he was going to retain.

I do not know the name of it, but one tree that I saw, but the first one I saw inspired me to hop the fence and place the camera on the ground so that I could get a perspective of it from the ground to the top with my 18mm lense. I probably should have brought my telephoto lense, but I often get tired of carrying it around for what always appears to be no good reason. If I had carried it, I could have acquired more photos of the General Grant tree without lying on the ground.

SNP is a great place. I highly recommend it if you like the great outdoors!

I have more photos to add. I might do it tonight or Tuesday at work.
Picture from the bottom of the tre…
My Sequoia at Sequoia National Par…
General Grant's tree!
Sunset. Somewhere out there is X-d…
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halilee says:
Huh, interesting. Maybe they should make exceptions for Canadians then.. we could easy drive in that lol.
Posted on: Feb 16, 2013
drmorrisj says:
It is the law here in California. We have some of the worst drivers in the world. Lots of people from foreign countries and well, just plain stupid people. Sounds callous, but it is the truth.
Posted on: Feb 16, 2013
halilee says:
I'm surprized it was so cold!! What was the temperature? And why would you need chains on your vehicle and 4WD? Were you off roading? Is it just because I would assume most Californians are not used to winter driving? Where I live ( SK canada)we drive on back roads and icy streets with LOTS of snow like 7-8 months of the year, lol. And certainly without chains and no 4wd. Very interesting.
Posted on: Feb 15, 2013
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X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
May 13, 2006
About one hour east of my home in Visalia, California are the home of the largest trees in the entire world. The groves of giant Sequoia trees are a sight to behold.  Although the actual ages of the trees are not known, the estimates range from 1800 to 2700 years old. The General Sherman tree, largest of them all, is about 275 feet tall, and more than 100 feet in diameter.

The area known as Giant Forest (for a good reason) is home to four of the five largest Sequoias.  They are all easily accessible with roads or very short trails.  

Sequoia is also home of Mount Whitney, tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states at 14,491 feet (not as easily accesible) and Crystal Cave a wonderful lighted and trailed cave for tourists to see.  (A fairly steep trail leads the short distance from parking lot to cave entrance.)

Morro Rock, a very large granite outcropping makes a nice hike, with steps cut into the rock and railings to keep you from falling. The view from the top is breathtaking.

You can also drive over to Kings Canyon National Park on the 30 mile road that joins the two parks without having to pay enter the other park. They are administered as one park.

For the price of admission to the National Park you can see all of the trees, as well as many other wonderful sights.

NOTICE: Beginning August 21, 2006 the highway headed into the park from Visalia, Hwy 198, will be under construction for the next two or three years and may require delays of up to one hour.  It is strongly advised to enter and exit the park from Kings Canyon National Park on Hwy 180 from Fresno. It is a much newer and straighter road and will not require delays.

This is a National Park Service ph…
Moro Rock
The Parker Group
Tunnel log
Eric says:
I remember visiting this park when I was very young, but I had forgotten how impressive the trees were. I will have to go back.
Posted on: May 13, 2006

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