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Tollbugate 8a, Oslo, Norway

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Hostel first timer Oct 25, 2007
In the beginning :

I found sentrumpensjonat on the net and chose it because it was cheap and I heard Norway was soooo expensive, so i thought well maybe i should save all the money i can, since i didn't know anyone and who knows what may happen,my worst nightmare running out of money thousands of km away from home. Another reason is that the map and all the reviews said it was really close to the Sentral Station (they spell it with and S), so i thought i could save on transportation costs, besides the reviews were good.


So i get there i look around every corner on the ground floor, no elevator, WTF-well how was i supposed to know i never stayed in a damn hostel before, i prefer hotels-. Ok made it up a very long flight of stairs 2 bags 20+ kg and a rucksack...FUN. Front desk, hmm they are beyond friendly, i mean really nice, one the managers who i would bet my life on that, SHE is 40kg wet grabs one of my bags and flies up another flight of stairs lol. So after a few glances at each other the other manager offered to take my other bag, yeah you guessed it I said no, and with the sound track of chariots of fire going off I ran the stairs myself (NO there was no falling scene and YES i did it lol).

The rooms

With a smile and a quick run through of where the toilets and showers were i was given my key and access card for the front door. The door opens its, dark i walk in and i see movement oh crap did i walk in on..."GOOD DAY MATE" and the light came on, holy crap they really say it, it's not a crocodile dundee thing lol, it turns my bed was in an adjoining room. The introductions were swift and the quizzing started, tell me about Jamaica, again, the friendliness ( I'm not used to it lol, only traveled with friends before and basically just hung out together except when we were out). I looked around the room was basic but clean.

Went to my bed, OH MAN the bed was sooooo comfortable, "HEY MATE", another Aussie, then another and another lol. There were six beds, in my room, two tv's, two dvd players, and a number of portable heating units, PLUSH comforters and some candy on the pillow :-). Again the rooms were basic and seemed clean, there was no closet space so you have to be creative. For me living out of a suitcase took on a whole new meaning lol.


I remember on my firs trip to germany i saw these what i would Euro showers lol. Here was the dreaded thing again, where i am from showers have ALOT of elbow room lol and bath nearby or built in.

The doors have coloured markers to indicated wether or not they're occupied, it would have helped, if some people actually used it, blondes aren't blonde all over lol. Great water pressure, by the way.

To my surprise they provide shower gel, etc, i can't tell you what the quality is like i used my own.

Flip flops in the shower is a must, some of your fellow hostel stayers are not very concerned about cleanliness. To their credit the staff at Sentrumpensjonat do make a valiant attempt at keeping this area clean.

Secret showers.

There is a shower for each floor, BUT i found a set of really great ones in the laundry room, and those are cleaned more regularly than the others.

Toilet/Water Closet

Generally were in a good state of cleanliness, only a few did not have a face basin/sink. They were equipped with automatic air fresheners.


Pretty decent size lounge very comfortable sofa's, tv, dvd player, range stove, microwave and even a treadmill.

Internet Access

You have a kiosk that is both a phone and internet station-its cheaper to use the internet cafe in the train



There is breakfast and snacks etc, i never had it the Aussie's told me it was disgusting. There is small charge


They are friendly and helpful.


They have a decent sized shelf with all genres of movies and books, yes you may, like me, have seen all these movies already, but sometimes seeing a movie, twice, three times lol,doesn't hurt.


This took me by surprise as i have always heard and seen on tv that norway had the best standard of living in the world and all the pictures and features i saw portrayed a beautiful idllic country, then there is Oslo.

Ok to be fair not all of Oslo is not all messy, i would be lying if I said that but some of the streets are disgusting, drug abusers, dealers and an army of hookers, peddlers and beggars, once you hop over that you're fine. YES Norway is a beautiful country and I;m going back next year


I had no issues and never had any reason for concern.

Final Note

I loved staying in a Hostel, I didn't realise what i was missing all this time, i met so many interesting amazing, wonderful people and actually made some friends. I'm never staying in a hotel again lol, well ok, i wont get carried away lol. What actually surprised me the most is that i think traveling alone forced me out of my comfort zone and the hostel thrust me head first into the beauty of sharing time with my fellow man. Oh yeah italians and Jamaicans were separated at birth lol, culturally its bizarre how much we have in common.
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