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Sentosa Island Singapore Reviews

andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
Sentosa Island Feb 21, 2013
Sentosa Island was made to be a playground and it is doing great job in attracting people that wish different trills. It is home to huge oceanarium, Universal Studios, bunch of attractions, even more shops, crazy amount of fountains (even one that looks like Goudi made it), huge statue of Merlion and nice beaches. You can get to the island by Cable Car (the most expensive way) by bus, or you can be cheap smart guy (like me) and ride metro to the entrance and walk over beautiful boardwalk, and pay only 1$ to get on the island. I did not cover most of the island and I was there for festival of flowers that was happening over Palawan beach. On the way there I got lost couple of times, enjoyed in many nice architectural feats and generally had good time. It is amazing how much money they spent to make this island what it is now. You will need few days to enjoy this place properly.
I should get one of those for this…
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uevh uevh
1 reviews
An island within an island Apr 27, 2013
Definitely a must see for every visitor to Singapore; whether, solo travelers, couples or families will find something to be impressed in this resort Island that resembles South/Central Florida with a more exotic touch.

It is here where, Universal Studios Singapore sits,Hard Rock Hotel, the Sentosa Cable Car, and many other attractions.

Prices are not bad compared to other lower quality places in Asia however, hotel prices are not for those within a budget (but the quality is extremely good).

Even for a day visit, it's well worth looking; it wouldn't take 15 minutes to get to Sentosa from Orchard Road in a Taxi, which is one of the main streets in CBD Singapore. Another way to get there would be the cable car, which is cheaper than a taxi and one of top aerial views of the city can be enjoyed from there while traveling.
fayiz fayiz
6 reviews
Sentosa Island - Singapore Feb 27, 2013
Sentosa Island is not to miss if visiting Singapore. I have been to Sentosa for few hours as I was alone, however, it is a very attractive place at time attractive especially if you go with your partner. There is restaurant, casino, Universal studio, shops from clothing shops, soveneir, birds attraction and more attrations that needs hours to complete. You can reach the place by taxi, by bus, by train etc. In short it is a lovely area that can not afford to miss. You can visit the Marina bay park on your way. You can also visit the Sky park hotel also.
fayiz fayiz
6 reviews
Sentosa Island May 12, 2012
Sentosa Island is a wonderful area that brings joy and pleasure to the family and individuals. It is a fantastic tourist attraction area that I have liked the most in Singapore. I have personally enjoyed the site and what I have seen in the area. The day I visited was extra-ordinary in term of weather and the beautiful rain. The shops, restaurants and the scenary takes you to another world. The trains from Marina Bay Sands to the Sentosa Island allows you an easy access. It is a place that you can never forget, in short it is a remarkable site in Singapore that one must visit.
petit_gooroo petit_go…
69 reviews
The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia Aug 30, 2009
I love Nature and I have to admit Sentosa Island did not charmed me so much as all looks so artificial.

All is made to look like paradise, Sentosa means peace and tranquility in Maly.

But it is too much a tourist trap for me. Attractions a very expensive (whereas it is only 3$ to enter in, public transport included). As some people say : "So Expensive and Nothing TO See Actually".

It is probably a good spot for those who look for a beach holiday near the city... but only if you do not care about the industrial boats waiting few meters away from the beach !

I put this review in my bridge list as at Palawan Beach, I crossed a small suspension bridge leading to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia ! It is said to be the closest place of Asia from the Equator (if that is not another tourist trap ^^).

It was quite funny to cross it. Kids were playing on it and we had to hold the rope quite hard not to fall. We felt so dizzy after crossing it !
jasonkyh jasonkyh
2 reviews
The Island's Island Getaway Dec 25, 2009
Sentosa is a great place to go to get away from the city and high-rised buildings, well, at least until the integrated resorts are done!

I enjoy going to Sentosa for its beaches, as well as activities such as riding the Luge and chilling at Cafe del Mar. There are also the usual beach-side activities such as beach volleyball, kayaking and banana boat.

It might be a little commercialised and things are generally slightly more expensive but you can save money by bringing your own refreshments or hunting down tour packages provided.

If you want to see more you can check out my blog:
smooth0022 smooth00…
1 reviews
Sentosa - My Opinion Aug 05, 2008
So I arrived in Singapore for 3 days and wondered what this Country/ City had to offe me. I asked the first 10 Singapore people what I 'MUST' see and do before I leave. Every single person said 'Go to Sentosa'

So today I did, with no expectations or idea what it was. Sentosa is a Family Enviroment Park that has many different attractions. It coss 3 Singapore Dollars to get to the Island (if going by Coach or Electric Trainsort of thing) and Cable Car is also possiable to get to the Island. In my opinion, the signing to get to these points of departure to get to the Island are pretty badly sign posted.. Many times I stood there thinking 'Where the hell do I go now?'.. It didn't quite help that I hadn't decided which form of transport I was going to take but nevertheless I promised myself whatever I found 1st would be my form of transport there. I stumbled across the coaches first.

Anyways, I arrived at Sentosa about 10 mins later and got off the bus. I had a strong feeling they we're trying to re-create the Disney atmosphere minus the riduculously oversized Mouse, Duck, Dog and what ever the hell Goofy is?

I looked at the infomation board to see what Sentosa had to offer in the way of attractions. Each attraction has it's own price. It's a good idea concidering you go to some theme parks ad only do half the park, with Sentosa you can pay as you go, but they do Bundle Packages toadd attractions together.

1st Attraction I went to was the Underwater World. They have Hawksbill and Green Turtles in a pool out the front of the Aquarium. I paid $22 something to gain entry and this also gave me enty to the Dolphin Lagoon, which is on the only end of the island. I have to admit, I was impressed with the set up for a small aquarium. Sting Rays and Crabs dominated the upper floor. Go down a level and your met by Jellyfish swirling around. You then hop onto a moving pavement/ walkway and that takes you under the way through a tunnel. Sharks, Rays, Tuna, Eels, Swordfish and other fish swim around the tunnel and over your heads allowing you to see these magnificent creatures up close.

Next, I went on the Tiger Sky Tower, which is a tower that takes you to 110 metres up from ground level (and is situatied on the biggest hill in the park) and rotates around 360 degress. It lasts approx 7 mins and will set you back about $12. Good for taking photos of the City and curviture of the earth on clear days. You can even see the coast of Indoneisa on the horizon and part of Malaysia.

Afterwards, I made my way to the Lube and Skysomething or other. The Lube is the best excitement your going to get in Sentosa, espically if your a backpacker. The Lube is basicly a like go-kart with brakes rolling down a concreted track, going around the corners on 2 wheels (if you have the bottle o go fast enough) and racing your friends down the hill. I paided $18 and got 3 rides for the price of 2.

Included in that price is Skyseat or something like that back to the top of the hill if you wish to go again. Not being a great lover of heights, it did unsettle me alittle bit.. BUT! if you do this during a sunset (as your on the seat the sunset is to your left), it can be quite beautiful. Parrots also sit in the trees so keep your eyes open!

Oh, by the way, the time to beat is 2 mins 6 seconds seconds on the Lube!

After this I watched the Sentosa Show called Songs of the Sea. I paid $8 for this. Biggest waste of money in my life! Basicly, Lee falls for this girl who appears to be under a trance asleep in the village and he sings song (no words to the songs by the way) to wake her up. Along this little journey to wake up this girl he's never bloody met before, he helps out 3 other 'things' (I don't have clue what they were) and helps them regain their powers.. Basicly to cut all this b******t show into a single sentence its alot of high powered water being shot up in the air on a timing sequence, a few flame balls and capped of with 3 blasts of fire works. Oh and he wakes up this stupid woman and thats the show over with. Seriously, save your time and go home when your done seeing everything else.

There are other attractions like 'The Images of Singapore', which is telling you the Story of Singapore in History, There's a Big Lion/Fish statue, which gives you a view from 37 metres high (Why go 37 metres high when you can pay less on the Tigar Sky Tower) and from what I read is about as interesting as it gets, A World War 2 Mueseum (let's be honest... Does every Country need a World War 2 Mueseum?! No they don't but Sentosa apparently needs one?) There are all Butterfly and Insect Kingdoms... Hmmm gave that one a miss.. Last time I saw a butterfly it shat on me.. There is also some sort of 4D Cinema. You can also book a ride to swim with Pink Dolphins.. I never saw the conditions of the Dolphins or condition of their habitat/ sleeping pool or whatever you want to cal it.. but I couldn't help but think Animal Cruelity..

Sentosa is also home to a number of Sandy beaches.. They would be really nice beaches too if you looked out at sea and didn't see big Oil ankers parked up. Sentosa is very close of an off-shore Oil Refinary and is located infront of Singapores main Commerical Freight Boating Operations. Again - my mind jumped in and I couldn't help but think Free Willy!

Sentosa is in the process of building a new section of the park (you can't miss it a you enter Sentosa Island) and theres going to be even MORE Shopping Malls, MGM Studios , A Water Park and a few other things are being built. Hoped to be ready sometime in 2010.

Overall Rating I would give Sentosa 4 out of 10

Pricing Rating I would give a 6 out of 10

Sentosa is a family orintated park and the only thing that's any fun on the island is the Lube and Beaches. The rest pick and choose as you like.

Thanks for reading and I hope I've helped in some way. Please feel free to contact me at any pont.
joanne_try joanne_t…
2 reviews
Jul 20, 2007
Well, there's pretty much things to see and do in Sentosa. There's underwater world, Fort Siloso, many beaches like Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, Butterfly Park and alot more...

The best place for me is the beach where many people do sunbathing there. And there's a quite happening chill out beach lounge bar/club called Cafe Delmar at the beach. Nice music and ambience and there're outdoor cushioned chairs for you to relax on...A small pool and jacuzzi can be found too. And the best thing bout the cafe Delmar is that its opened 24 hours during the weekends! Isnt that great?
captainmo204 captainm…
5 reviews
Jul 19, 2007
The cable car is fun as long as your not afaraid of heights and the beaches are great. One thing that I thought was really fun was the luge from the top of the hill. It's like $10 and well worth it!
o_dog o_dog
79 reviews
Jul 19, 2007
For me, I love getting on to the cable car and having an aerial view of the island. And, the Sky Tower is pretty awesome, too! Herb and Spice Garden is also worth visiting.
chapelhall says:
travelled on the cable car but did not go round the island. must do it one day time permitting
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
Lonelytravelerwin says:
The musical fountain has recently been renovated and a new interesting performance and I think it's first performance is at 7.30pm. You should not miss it!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
mychou82 mychou82
1 reviews
Jun 12, 2007
Has revamped its beaches with many cafes, bars and restaurants along the Siloso and Tanjong Beach. KM8 and Cafe del mar are chill out bars that are worth looking at. Bring a book and a towel and you're ready to spend a relaxing weekend afternoon there. Good for people watching too!

$3 to enter Sentosa. Everything else is optional.
pricy says:
anybody going to singapore in this sept 26 in2014..?anybody plz reply we go in group and u ill get good deal fo booking also
Posted on: Jul 29, 2014
Heislyc says:
I heard Sentosa is having major renovation, is it still a good to go for this weekend? :P
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007

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