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khlong Nin, Thailand

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The rules in Thailand Jan 04, 2011
The rules can often appear misty in tourist places in Thailand, but as someone who lived there for a few years - I should point out that the basics still count.

Don't tough a Thai person's head, especially if they are wearing a Buddha symbol. It is upsetting for them to do this.

Do't put your feet up on chairs or tables, feet are dirty and they will often have to walk past your feet to get to their destination - meaning they are forced to degrade themseleves. Keep your feet and shoes on the floor and never ever point them at a Buddha.

Always cover up when entering a temple or a mosque, put a shirt on and cover your legs past your knees to ensure you won't offend. The palace in Bangkok will rent shirts and sarongs to you if you ignore this rule - there are lots of people trying to rip you off outside the palace telling you it is closed, the only day it is closed is for the King's birthday. You should remain polite and strong and thank them for their help and move on politely.

Don't raise your voice or get frustrated. There are often different chefs in the kitchen and I often see people returning to a restaurant and complaining about the food as it was different from their first visit. Unless you specifiy your exact requirements you will have to accept what your given - e.g not spicy. The waiters often earn about £50 a month and if you return your food at £2/3 then this is a fairly significant take from their wages as management will make them pay for the mistake. So accept it if you didnt ask for not spicy and remember to be specific next time as confrentration will be avoided.

Many areas of Thailand do not see huge tourist trade so wear sensible clothes on those days you are travelling to the next destination so as not to offend and also to be safe. Their view of westerners can sometimes be marred by films. Many Thais came to see me when I lived there, they liked to hear if I was sad as they had never seen a foreigner cry before and it became like a show!

Remember negotiating on a price is fine, but this is someone's livlihood so don't offend by offering 90% less than what they asked!

Thais love their music and are passonate about it, so if they are playing films or music on the buses - enjoy it and embrace it. Don't tell them to turn it off as it does eventually grow on you!

If you hire a moped/ bike remember to wear clothes! Too many people ride ina helmet and their swim wear - you can and are likely to fall off at some point and you have no protection in your swim wear! In addition, even in places like Phuket who have a huge western population are conservative. Look at the locals who do not work in the bars - they wear shirts and shorts - make sure you respect their culture, even if the farang (foreigner) next to you is not wearing a shirt whilst driving, you will be respected more if you do!

Be safe, times are becoming harder with less tourist trades recently. With seasonal destinations crime is increasing, Thais are incredibly trust worthy but as in any country a few are not. Keep your guard and don't walk in the dark by yourself, regardless of being male or female. Remember to carry only a little cash.
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lauren_j_ lauren_j_
2 reviews
All of the Island Jan 04, 2011
Many people will stop at Long Beach on Koh Lanta as the majority of the pick ups at the pier and guides say Long Beach is the best beach. If you do stop there, head to the Sanctuary; a great resort owned by an English lady and her Thai husband and children. Great home made, fresh food. Many bands, yoga and great advice.

If you continue further south you will eentually hit Khlong Nin - full of great people, relaxing if you want it and partying if you like it!

Rasta Baby on the corner has a great vibe and basic and simple fun.

Head further up the road and you will eventually hit Miami - the bar owned by P'Dang is friendly, fun, cheap and great for single people and group travellers. P'Dang takes care of all of his guests and does the most amazing fire shows - you will feel at home immediately at his bar and spend the evening laughing like you have known everyone at the bar your entire life.

Next door is Mong's bar - great for a novilty night out - axe shows, monkey brain and fire shows! A fun night and good entertainment.

Continue up the island and you reach Marine Park,a smaller section of the island with a great party feel.

If your looking for western comfort head to Nicks for a home made stone aked pizza. If you fancy real Thai food the small market next to 7/11 has cheap Thai food.

The Friday night/ Saturday morning market is great for food.

Worth remembering this island is mainly Muslim, so if you stay near the mosques then the call to prayer may wake you if your a light sleeper. Also it is deeply offensive to sunbathe topless, remember to put a shirt on if your going in to the restaurant, the Thais hate confrentation so you will help them out a lot.

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