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An Arizona town known far more for its location than the allure of the town itself, Sedona is at the heart of a great American cruising spot (roads around here come complete with intense views and deathly drops), and the base of a winding array of colossal hiking trails. The city itself is increasingly impressive, too. Perhaps spurred on by their scenery, the natives have turned Sedona into something of an artistic Mecca, with handicrafts, art galleries and a hint of the hippie/ new age to the town itself.

Though most come for the scenery, then, you might not be in as much of a hurry to get out as you expect. While you are hanging out in town, spas, the amusing pink jeep tours and the incredible Canyon views restaurants are all great ways to pass the time.

It’s when you get into the thick of the natural surroundings that you’ll really start enjoying yourself, though. On the way into the hills, drop in on the pair of impressive wineries found up Page Springs Road, before following the Broken Arrow Trail to Chicken Point, where you’ll find some intense valley views (and a hefty group of tourists, should you happen to time your trip to coincide with those pink jeeps). Next, explore the notorious local vortexes – the reason for all those hippies – where the earth is said to be full of magical properties. Cathedral Trail is a short but steep walk, worth the effort to take in the incredible sunsets on offer from the peak.

Above all, Sedona is full of powerful imagery, startlingly towering rocks and a sense that modern America is still only dabbling with the town’s fringes. That’s half the point, of course: viewing this kind of natural mysticism though anything but more traditional eyes would seem palpably out of place. Picture the village in Disney’s ‘Cars’ and throw in the hippies and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect: a stop off that’s not going to wow friends when you add it to your travel map, but you’ll certainly remember it.

Sedona is a very special place in the heart of the redrock formations and the geo-physical Vortex. Schnebly Hill road is a dirt road deep in the redrocks and the Vortex. Once prime free camping but cuz of high visition, camping is illegal now. Get a $5 redrock permit from the Forest Service and spend the day there in a very beautiful place. In the 1950's they filmed many cowboy and indian movies there.

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