Seaside Hawaiian Hostel Waikiki, Honolulu

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419 Seaside Avenue, Oahu, HI, USA

Seaside Hawaiian Hostel Waikiki, Honolulu Oahu Reviews

cptbutters cptbutte…
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Good overall, but has some problems Mar 28, 2011
I have mixed feelings about this hostel. First, the good stuff:

It's cheap, and has a great location. Very close to bus, motorcycle/scooter rental shop, food, shopping, and only a few blocks from the beach. And if you don't mind a longer walk uphil, Diamond Head is also walking distance, or a short bus ride away otherwise.

The owner's very nice, but the staff isn't always that great. I guess it depends on the time of your stay, but I encountered a couple of people with attitudes.

You can get free snorkelling gear (minus the flippers) and bodyboards for use. There's free wifi. Cheap surfboard rentals. They also provide a modest breakfast of coffee, tea, toast and jelly. During my stay they also barbecued hot dogs for free for the guests.

Now, for the bad:

The Hostel has quite hours after 11 pm (if I remember correctly), which aren't enforced. There's also a ton of restaurants, bars, etc. all over, and partying goes late into the night all around the hostel. So basically it's noisy, which doesn't bother me, but if you have trouble sleeping with loud noises, this might not be a good place for you.

If you book a private room, you should be aware that the only way to get into the room is by going through a dormitory. In my case my boyfriend and I had to go through a girl dormroom at the beginning of our stay and a boy dorm at the end, which was a bit weird for all parties. I talked to one of the girls from the dorm and they agreed that the arrangement is weird, and said that my boyfriend scared them because he walked out of the room once while someone was changing. I also walked out of the shower (which is located in the dorm room and shared by private + dorm) once or twice on one of the guys changing. It's really not a big deal if that kind of thing doesn't bother you, but it's good to be aware that your private room is located inside a dorm.

My biggest complaint with this hostel is that I ran into bed bugs. After the first night of staying there I woke up with my right arm covered in big, red, itchy bumps. My boyfriend didn't have anything, so we thought it might be some weird allergic reaction. However, after the next night I woke up with even more red bumps, and my boyfriend woke up with a bunch as well, but his were smaller. That's when we thought it could be bed bugs. We notified the owner that we think there might be a problem and he responded by moving us to a new room, washing our laundry, and taking action to clean our old room. I was very happy with the response, but unfortunately for the rest of the stay we kept waking up with bed bug bites every morning. I know that these were bed bugs because I caught one and googled an image of a bed bug to make sure that's what it is. So even though the owner was very prompt about moving us, and washing our laundry, I'm concerned that both rooms we stayed in had bed bugs. It might be a bigger problem than anyone in the hostel let on. I realize that we could've brought the bed bugs with us to the new room, but judging by the amount of new bites I woke up with every morning, I have a hard time believing that it was the work of 1 or 2 bed bugs. But to be fare, I didn't hear of any other guests complaining of bed bug bites during my stay. I reacted very badly to these bites by developing big, swollen, red, itchy bumps at every bite site, while my boyfriend got tiny red bumps that didn't itch a whole lot. So it's possible that other guests didn't notice their bites, and I did because I reacted to them so badly. But it's also possible that this was a strange isolated incident.

I guess I don't really know what to make of our case, but I figured I'd lay this out for anyone who cares to read it, in case it'll help someone with their decision of where to stay.
Eric says:
Thanks for sharing your review
Posted on: Mar 28, 2011
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nattie_27 nattie_27
4 reviews
Not secure, Very Dirty, Would not Stay here Mar 03, 2010
I came here on a recommendation after my original hotel lost my reservation. Upon my arrival, the gate intercom did not work. A woman saw me and asked if I was checking in. I said yes and she took me along the side of the building where there was an opening (doorway with no door attached) and she mentioned that they do not use the gate anymore. So anyone can enter the premises as they please. She led me through a hallway and into the office/common area.There was a common kitchen area and it looked like they had a computer w/ internet access for their guests to use. She asked me to take a seat. They were in the middle of a shift change and I would have to wait. While I waited I asked to have a look at the rooms. They were crowded and looked like they hadn't been cleaned in several weeks. Dirty linens on the floor. The room smelled of mold/mildew. The bathrooms were filthy and I spotted several bugs. No need to wait for the shift change! I'm not staying here!
dinasabbour dinasabb…
3 reviews
A home away from home in Waikiki. Aloha! Aug 17, 2008
Thumbs up to this hostel for being so affordable, and comfortable and fun! Everyone staying here is pretty much relaxed and the staff and very friendly (Johnny rules!) Only 5 minutes walk to Waikiki beach and shops. Great dorms and big, outdoor common area to mingle with other travellers. And free breakfast! I highly recommend this place. When I was staying there, the hostel was undergoing renovation so should look even better by now. :-)
Mai Tai :)
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