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Airline to avoid at all cost! Dec 15, 2011
We paid almost P16,000 per person for our roundtrip flight to Batanes with Seair because it is the only airline I know that flies to Batanes. This trip is part of our 2 weeks trip around the Philippines and supposedly, we'll end it with the highlight of going to Batanes which is my most favorite place.

We stayed in Marriott hotel at Resorts World so we will be near the airport. We woke up early and cut short the enjoyable lovely stay to catch our early morning flight of 7am.

We arrived at Domestic airport around 5.30am and noticed that there is no one on the check-in desk of Seair. We asked around and were told that maybe they were just late. After waiting for a long time and nearing 7am, I had to press for good answer as to why there is still no one at the check-in desk. We were told to go to the Seair office outside the airport and that's only when we learned that the flight was cancelled???!!!

I was told that all passengers were informed through email but I didnt get any and they also should have called me considering I gave my mobile number. It was very disappointing that for the most expensive flight in the Philippines, this airline would not even make sure that their passengers are well informed. I had delayed flights with PAL before and even tho the delay is only 10mins, they will notify me in several ways: email a day or more before, phone call to my house and even phone call to my mobile and I only paid more than P1000 for the flight ticket!

We were then told that they will bring us to some shady hotel and provide transportation to the hotel but not going back to airport the following day when the flight is scheduled. We were given P1000 which should cover for 2 people's meal for the day plus transportation which costed us P400 the following day. It was funny in a very sickening way that they provide these things for the hassle of ruining your holiday schedule by missing out one day from paradise and having to find a quick alternative not to ruin everything plus the expense all the trouble of going there and having to wake up early and cut short our sweet stay in Marriott just to be slapped on the face with a cold statement of "cancelled flight".

I was very furious esp bec the girls staff think it's ok to be giggling and non-apologetic just because they are wearing clown make-up and really short skirts that shows their underwear (I'm not exaggerating) in every small movement. If I'm a loser pervert who's only chance of sexual satisfaction is seeing some underwear of a transvestite looking girl after paying almost P16,000, that is fine. But I'm not! This is supposed to be an airline and I am expecting flight service that matches the money I paid for.

It was not the end of my nightmare. The following day, we were rushing again bec the hotel is farther and located in a more congested area that it's harder to estimate the time to reach the airport. We queued after a couple which we overheard is complaining about something and saying that they are not giving good customer servoce and all. I am already worried that there are some problems again.

When it's our turn, they checked-in our luggages and then like as if it's of no matter dropped the bomb that the flight will be delayed for 3 more hours!!! @#$%&!!! At that point I have very very low image of them that I'm resigned to the fact that they are always messing us up. The domestic airport is a small airport and doesn't even have a decent coffee shop to hang out. So we don't get totally frustrated, we went to the nearby mall and try to buy some extra camera accessories we might need. But that cost additional transportation expense which is more than the P1000 pesos could cover.

After this experience, I would never ever fly with this airline again and will NOT recommend to anyone not even my enemy (if i have any). If you value your time, effort and money, don't fly with this airline. Very UNPROFESSIONAL, INEFFICIENT and WASTE OF MONEY.

Learned later on that there is a new airline flying to batanes called Sky Pasada which is more dependable and much cheaper bec it's only about 2/3 of Seair's cost. If ever, there's only Seair that will fly to any location I want to go, I will either just take an alternative mode of transportation (ship) or cancel the whole trip until another airline flies there.

I learned that I'm not the only one who experienced this and Fundacion Pacita's Manager (resort we stayed in Batanes) was complaining that they are losing business bec their guests are cancelling the whole trip after having similar experience as mine and their business is greatly affected. I think this airline should not offer flights anymore but rather have their planes changed into a stinky bar since it seems to be their business model anyway.

I would like this airline to either change the uniform of their girl staff and train them to be able to provide proper airline dequorum or be closed down. It is very inappropriate for these girls to be dressed up like this because it's not sexy anymore but cheap and vulgar esp for an airline. With tourism trying to project a clean image of Philippines, this is definitely a hindrance and had to be addressed. If anyone knows someone to get this wrinkle fixed, please do so. I will also try call a Consul I know who supposedly is friends with one of the owners. This is seriously unacceptable!
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TravellinChic says:
Me too Rhea and Batanes is really a top place to visit in the Philippines because of it's beautiful landscapes and preserved culture/Filipino values. I'm very proud of Batanes and been promoting it to all my foreign friends who are visiting.

Good thing there's Sky Pasada flying to Batanes now because I would hope to come back to Batanes.
Posted on: Dec 15, 2011
rheagirl says:
I've been recommending Batanes as a must visit in our country. Nkakahiya pag naexperience ang katulad nitong sa'yo. Terible talaga! :0(
Posted on: Dec 15, 2011
TravellinChic says:
I hope no one else get to experience the same. It's not something you want to experience or even risk experiencing in a holiday.
Posted on: Dec 15, 2011
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