Sea of Cortez

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Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Sea of Cortez Puerto Penasco Reviews

kami_lynn kami_lynn
17 reviews
Puerto Penasco Nov 02, 2008
Rocky Point is such a great place to go if you live in Phoenix or California and can drive there. There is so much stuff to do, but we were only there for a few days. I needed a few more days to get more in. Friday we laid by the really nice pool at Senoran Sun for most the day. I needed a good day of nothing but sunshine and pool. Well, there were quite of few drinks involved too because afterall, it is vacation in Mexico. We went to Mannys on Friday night, which is like the best bar around.

Saturday morning I got up really early to get some scuba diving in. We went out to Bird Island, which is a bunch of jagged rocks covered in sea lions, birds and bird poop. There is so much bird poop that it gives the illusion of snow capped mountains. Anyway, diving with the sea lions was so much fun. There are hundreds of them on this island. While you are diving they swim right up to you and swoop all around you. They are very curious and playful and will come right up a few inches from your face and look you in the eye. Sometimes when they dart around you, they rub up against you a little bit. One of them started nibbling on my tank. It was such a great experience. There isn't a ton of other things to see as far as coral and fish go. I did see a couple angel fish, but the visibility is really not that great. However, the dive is pretty much about the sea lions anyway.

Saturday night we went back to Mannys and ate some really good, but really spicy food from that little cart outside of Mannys. :) Then we wandered over to another bar to meet up with some people that we met at Mannys. I do not remember the name of the bar because I was a bit intoxicated by that point. However, the dancing at this bar was really fun so I wished I remembered the name. It was just down the street.

So tons of fun overall. The only part I didn't like was ... well all there is to eat is Mexican food of course, and my stomach doesn't like Mexican food so much. You also become very used to being asked to buy things from people (including toddlers) every five minutes no matter where you are. Crossing the border is the worst. Swarms of them going between the couple miles of parked cars in line trying to sell you tortillas, hot tamales and souveneirs.

The other thing I was a bit surprised at is that everyone says Mexico is supposed to be cheap. I don't think it was too different from the U.S. They still charge more than they should for drinks, and people try to rip you off everywhere. So double check your bills and bring your best bargaining skills. :) It's also not a luxury place obviously, so if you can't handle dirt and poorness, it's not the place for you. Other than that, I am sure I will be back for more fun times.
X_Drive says:
Congrats on your first featured review!! :D
Posted on: Nov 02, 2008
shirlan says:
Congratulations on the feature
Posted on: Nov 02, 2008
Sushidog says:
Mexico is very different, compared to the other resort locations. They have figured out rich Americans can spend money there. But glad you had a good time, Cheers
Posted on: Nov 01, 2008
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johnnyk johnnyk
17 reviews
May 24, 2007
Ended up on the Sea of Cortez at Puerto Penasco as an act of compromise. I wanted spring break in the Arizona desert but the wife wanted sun and sea with a little beach time. We took three days out of our tour of Arizona in March '07 and made the journey south of the border. Puerto Penasco is also known as Rocky Point and is becoming popular as a beach resort for vacationers from Tucson and Phoenix.

We stayed a mile from town on the resort shore where tourists have a choice of newly constructed high rise condo type accommodations. We chose the Sonoran Sea Resort and it served our needs. Fairly typical one bedroom ocean front unit with a kitchenette and nice balcony for around $200 USD/night.

There were three highlights of the trip worth a mention. We took a boat trip to Bird Island an hours ride south where we did some snorkeling and as we did we were joined by quite a few sea lions that satisfied their curiosity by swimming around us and surfacing very close so they could check us out. They were close. I was hesitant to touch them and did not, but they were that close. The young Mexican tour operators seemed disinterested in the safety of the tourist group who had to be very careful because of the powerful tidal current that swept swimmers away from the boat. I am certain they would have left me in Davy Jones Locker given half a chance. The wife and the half dozen bikini clad co-eds may have fared better, but were strong enough swimmers that we didn't find out.

The second interesting thing about Rocky Point was the extreme tidal change. At low tide the ocean retreated a hundred to a hundred and fifty yards and exposed an interesting array of marine life. A very good beach combing opportunity. I was holding a small octopus in my hands until Jody mentioned their ability to bite. I stuck to starfish after that.

We also enjoyed dining and shopping in the Old Town although if you go there expecting a Cancun sized experience you may be disappointed.

We very much enjoyed our visit but I doubt we will ever return as my wife fears someone may recognize her, and the antics of her fun loving, sombrero wearing, mezcal soaked husband, embracing the spring break mentality at the hotel pool bar.
vances says:
Excellent review --- add a few pictures and it may get featured!
Posted on: May 24, 2007

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