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Orlando, Florida
Sea World  - Charge!
Sea World  - Hi^5
Sea World  - We are hiding from the Captin
Sea World  - The keeper of the treasure ( Wally the walrus)
Sea World  - The Myme (halarious)

Sea World Orlando Reviews

ChrisMcDevitt ChrisMcD…
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$80 Bucks Each For This Aug 01, 2010
My wife and I recently visited Sea World while we were killing twelve hours between our disembarkation from a cruise at Port Canaveral and our 9pm flight home from MCO. As far as location goes, Sea World is a convenient 15-20 minutes depending on traffic and speed from the airport. Compared to the 1-day park prices of Disney and Universal, Sea World is definitely the cheapest ticket of the 'Big Players'; it's also the last cost-effective.

Perhaps we were jaded by the fact that we'd swam with Dolphins in Grand Cayman or snorkeled with sea turtles in Mexico, but we found Sea World to be a very lackluster experience. You are not permitted to bring your 'backpack' or purse on any of the rides even if they are waterproof, durable and small. Instead you must pay to use one of the many lockers located nearby each major ride.

At Universal the park gives you the first hour free in the lockers, not so, in Sea World. A 20 Oz. coke is $3.18; we didn't bother to 'eat' in the park.

The "MANTA" is a fun roller coaster similar to the Superman ride at Six Flags great adventure. You may hurt your neck from craning to look up but it is definitely the least 'jarring' of the roller coasters at Sea World.

The Lost Kingdom of Atlantis is your typical log-flume ride that tries desperately to have a story a la "The Pirates of the Caribbean" or the viking ship ride in Norway at Epcot. It fails on almost all fronts.

The KRAKEN is your second roller coaster. It's extremely hurky-jerky and nowhere near as fun as the Manta.

WILD ARCTIC is a flight simulation ride very similar to STAR TOURS in the Disney MGM park.

IF you've been on those four rides you have essentially been on every Adult ride in the park that you don't have to pay extra for. $20 bucks a ride. You could have more fun at a county fair for $80 plus whatever you had to put in the lockers between each ride.

There are some very affordable souvenirs in the shops (I bought a hat and sandals combo) for $5, and a smiling sea lion magnet for $3; but all in all the major attraction of Sea World is it's series of shows.

We caught the Clyde and Seamore pirate adventure which was amusing and entertaining, but one of the walruses went rogue during the performance and put quite a strain on it's trainers. When an 800 lbs Walrus decides it doesn't care about fish anymore, it's very hard to convince them to move. Ever the consummate professionals they did the show around him.

We also caught "BELIEVE" the show that replaced the last Shamu extravaganza. While entertaining, the show seemed to be nothing but a 40 minute infomercial for the Whale's Tail wooden necklace available at every souvenir kiosk in the park.

The trainers brought up a little boy to make his 'dream come true' but that little boy didn't dream of being a marine biologist, he wanted to be a paleontologist. I'm not sure that the pre-show interviewer knew that the boy like dinosaurs. Either way, they gave him a free necklace so that all the other kids there would want them.

We left after the show due to most of the rides being closed by inclement weather. If you would like to purchase fish for Sea Lions and Dolphins you can hand feed them in various locations around the park. Of course, feeding the animals is really Sea World's responsibility but you can't blame them for trying to get subsidized, I guess.

If you do want to feed the dolphins, you must go EARLY in the day. After their 4 O'clock feeding the Dolphin Cove closes for the remainder of the visit.

It wasn't a terrible experience, but our day in the park reminded me why my last visit to Sea World had been twenty four years previous. I'm pretty sure I'll be good until 2034 at this point.
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S-Jay S-Jay
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Jan 15, 2008
At sea world visitors are allowed to look at sea creatures at their leasuire and to make the day more entertaining they provide shows that allow the animals to show their abilities and talent to the public.

The Seal & Otter Show is a story involving a female Captin, his servant and his mate (the seal & the otter who is also his evil side kick) and the Captin is after the treasure.

They come to the island to find the treasure only to find that a boy and his seal have become marooned there, and she gatherd this my the marooned shirt his was wearing.

She also fails to mention the treasure and the story goes from there.

Within the story the audiance is involved and volunteers are found to help. They recieve a kiss from the seal and maybe just maybe they get a littttttle wet!

Aswell as the show its selt, they also provide a myme who comes and performs 20minuites befor the show, and some even say he is more funnier than the show its self.

It lasts 30 minuites and id advise spectators to get seated 30min before hand to get a good seat and also to see the myme.
We are hiding from the Captin
The keeper of the treasure ( Wally…
xxwishnonstarzz says:
My family and I really love this show. It helps to have some of the free beer from the hospitality house before you go in, lol!

Its really full of puns but hilarious. :D
Posted on: Aug 06, 2008
xxwishnonstarzz xxwishno…
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Best park in Orlando! Aug 06, 2008
I live in Orlando and I think Seaworld is an amazing value for your money, and possibly more fun than Magic Kingdom! Lots of interaction with animals and wonderful shows/exhibits. Best show is the Clyde and Seymore Show (sea lions and otters)!

Food is overpriced and so is the beer, but guess what, FREE BEER IN THE HOSPITALITY HOUSE! A lot of people miss this somehow, but you can get up to 3 free 12oz (I think) beers! Choose from a variety of Anheuser-Busch products. Hope this doesn't change since InBev moved in! But its a great place to sample new AB products as well (like the Bud Lime or Clamato... both of which I don't recommend but at least they were free!). Enough to get a good buzz on without spending a cent.

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