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Dominated by the twin and fiercely contrasting cities of ornate, castle-dominated Edinburgh and working class yet emotive Glasgow, the northernmost part of the UK attracts visitors by the bucket load, eager to soak up the deep-rooted heritage, the quirky local cultures and even to hunt for monsters amongst the deep waters of notorious Loch Ness.

Edinburgh’s perhaps the best starting point, where you can walk the Royal Mile, stare from the heights of the spectacular castle and sample Haggis in one of the hundreds of plush restaurants. Edinburgh peaks for The Fringe, an annual, international theatre and culture festival that draws shows from all over the world, and pushes prices to the upper limit. Hogmanay, the city’s infamously manic New Year’s celebration, is also a special time to drop by.

Glasgow is more ‘deep fried mars bar’ than haggis, though it does have a beautifully old-school city centre, complete with some of the country’s best shopping, and offers sports fans the chance to catch one of football’s greatest rivalries, Glasgow Celtic vs. Glasgow Rangers. It’s also a great launching spot for the many attractions of the wet, mossy highlands.

In amongst the ample whiskey distilleries and still lochs (lakes) of the northern end of Scotland, you can drift off into a seemingly endless, dramatic expanse of countryside, or head for the rugged, wave-battered beauty of one of the many northern island’s. If you hit the very tip, you’ll find ‘John O ‘Groats’, the tiny Highland Village that marks the launching point of many cross-country trips, as well as being home to some spectacular craggy cliffs and views out into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Many parts of Scotland are still under the control of nature; little accessed and begging to be explored for the more adventurous traveler. Others are steeped in ancient and attractive culture, dingy in winter yet sparkling with character and local charm. You can even try skiing, though we’d suggest a hot whisky and brisk hike to one of the many peaks is more in order. And when it comes to heading back south, how about a stroll along Scotland’s border marker, Hadrian’s Roman Wall?

In 2014 residents will vote in a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh #1 most popular location
Draped across mossy fells and overlooking the choppy waters of the North Atlantic, Edinburgh is a scenic city in a striking location. Towered over by the soaring battlements of the hilltop ca…
1,364travelers 344reviews 209blogs
Glasgow #2 most popular location
If you believe the press, Glasgow, is the leaner side of Scotland, the rough to Edinburgh’s smooth.Glasgow has a far more industrial history,and is a city once dominated by the shipyards. …
1,013travelers 92reviews 59blogs
Inverness #3 most popular location
The mental image the Scottish Highlands usually conjures up is a picture of the Loch Ness monster, peat-covered hills that turn into craggy cliff-faces and lush, green mountains covered in a …
107travelers 16reviews 33blogs
Aberdeen #4 most popular location
Aberdeen (Gaelic for mouth of Dee) is a city in Eastern Scotland. It is situated at the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don. Aberdeen is the 3rd biggest city in Scotland. It is the most importan…
249travelers 20reviews 13blogs
Fort William #5 most popular location
Sitting at the head of Loch Linnhe, a sea loch, and at the foot of Ben Nevis, Fort William is the major town of the South Western Scottish Highlands, Scotland. The High Street is the heart of…
9travelers 12reviews 18blogs
Oban #6 most popular location
Oban is a town in the Scottish Highlands. It is the gateway to the isles, shopping and drinking capital of the north west, and home to the excellent whisky of that name. Ferries run from h…
5travelers 8reviews 8blogs
Ayr #7 most popular location
The town of Ayr sits in the heart of Robert Burns country, Scotland's most celebrated poet, who had strong links to Ayrshire and the neighbouring region of Dumfries and Galloway. Ayr is a …
32travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Perth #8 most popular location
The name Perth derives from a Pictish word for wood or copse, and links the town to the Picts described by the Romans, who subsequently joined with the Scots to form the kingdom of Alba which…
40travelers 4reviews 2blogs
Isle Of Skye #9 most popular location
So much to see! So much to discover! For a true experience of the scottish charms, the Isle of Skye is a must on your list! Breathtaking landscapes at every turns; A long history revealin…
52travelers 8reviews 16blogs
Pitlochry #10 most popular location
Pitlochry is a small town with a good sized supermarket and amenities. The town has loads of great little souvenir shops where you can end up spending a fortune as there are so many nice thin…
2travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Stirling #11 most popular location
Stirling is one of Scotland's most historic cities. In 2002, Stirling became Scotland's sixth city. Also known as "The Gateway To The Highlands", Stirling used to be the only connection to…
71travelers 13reviews 14blogs
Dundee #12 most popular location
Dundee is in North East Scotland and is Scotland's 4th largest city. The city is just over 800 years old. It is located on the banks of the River Tay. Historically, it is famous for the th…
111travelers 3reviews
Aviemore #13 most popular location
A small yet beautiful area of the Highlands. Not much in the way of big tourist attractions, but there is skiing (when it snows), hiking (when it doesn't) and lots of wildlife. Breathta…
6travelers 5reviews 8blogs
Drumnadrochit #14 most popular location
Drumnadrochit is a town on the shore of Loch Ness, 15 miles from Inverness and one of the main tourist destinations looking for a Loch Ness monster. It has two tourist centres devoted to the …
2travelers 8reviews 4blogs
Douglas #15 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews
St Andrews #16 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Dumfries #17 most popular location
Dumfries is the principal town in South West (Scotland). A more traditional administrative status is principal town of Dumfriesshire, but this changed in 1974. Further back, it was two towns,…
14travelers 4reviews 3blogs
Portree #18 most popular location
Portree is the "capital" town of the Isle of Skye, Scotland Portree is a small town - almost everything is only 5 minutes walk away. You may want to take a bus to the Co-op supremarket o…
5travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Ullapool #19 most popular location
Ullapool is a small town of about 1300 inhabitants. This small town which owns its money by fishing was found in 1788. Ullapool can be called a very musical town. There are several music f…
1travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Dunfermline #20 most popular location
21travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Saint Andrews #21 most popular location
St Andrews holds a special place in Scotland's history. It takes its name from the Apostle whose relics, legend tells us, were brought to this place in antiquity by St Rule. Scotland later ad…
28travelers 16reviews 8blogs
Loch Ness #22 most popular location
Loch Ness is Scotland's (if not the world's) most famous lake (or 'loch' in Scotland). It runs for 23 miles (37 km) along the natural geological cleft that stretches from Fort William in the …
20travelers 5blogs
Dunoon #23 most popular location
Dunoon is a small, quaint town situated on the banks of the Firth of Clyde. Isolated and accessible by a short ferry ride via Gourock and Greenock it provides an ideal location for Glaswegian…
2travelers 2reviews
Blairgowrie #24 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Prestwick #25 most popular location
Prestwick is a town in Ayrshire, South West Scotland. It hosted the first ever Open Championship golf tournament and is most also known as the only place in the UK ever visited by Elvis Presl…
6travelers 1reviews
Loch Lomond #26 most popular location
Loch Lomond is the second largest loch of Scotland, the largest body of fresh water in Britain and probably the most famous after Loch Ness. It is part of the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs Nati…
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Kyle of Lochalsh #27 most popular location
Kyle of Lochalsh (from the Scottish Gaelic Caol Loch Aillse, "strait of the foaming lake") is a village on the northwest coast of Scotland, 63 miles west of Inverness. It is located at the en…
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Crieff #28 most popular location
Crieff is a town in Perthshire, Scotland, east from Perth on the A85. Historically important for it's geographic location, Crieff was the place of "trysts" (local markets) for cattle drovers …
4travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Thurso #29 most popular location
Thurso is a town and former burgh on the north coast of the Highland council area of Scotland. Historically, the town is one of two burghs within the county of Caithness. Thurso was the bi…
6travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Stonehaven #30 most popular location
Stonehaven is in North East Scotland Stonehaven is a very small town, so walking is your best bet. There are taxis in the area. Dunnottar Castle - By far one of the most amazing sites …
12travelers 4reviews 4blogs
Kingussie #31 most popular location
Kingussie is a small town just off the A9 in Scotland. It lies within the boundary of the Cairngorm National Park, in the historic district of Badenoch. Attractions include the ruins of the…
2reviews 1blogs
Carrbridge #32 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Newtonmore #33 most popular location
Newtonmore is a village in the Highlands of Scotland with a population of about 1000. The village is only a few miles from a location that is claimed to be the exact geographical centre of Sc…
1reviews 3blogs
Moffat #34 most popular location
Moffat (from the Scottish Gaelic: Am Magh Fada) is a former burgh and spa town in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, lying on the River Annan, with a population of around 2,500. The most notabl…
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Gretna Green #35 most popular location
Gretna Green is a small town in South Scotland known for runaway marriages. Because of different laws in England, Wales and Scotland many underage elopers married here in an old Blacksmith s…
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Isle of Arran #36 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Lockerbie #37 most popular location
Nairn #38 most popular location
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Drymen #39 most popular location
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Elgin #40 most popular location
14travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Stornoway #41 most popular location
Stornoway is the largest(8000 inhabitants)town on the Island of Lewis which is part of the Scottish Hebrides. From the main land, you can take the boat to Stornoway and explore the way of…
10travelers 4reviews
Fort Augustus #42 most popular location
Fort Augustus is in the Highlands of Scotland Fort Augustus is at the foot of Loch Ness and is on the path of the Great Glen Way, it is situated midway between Fort William and Inverness. …
1travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Falkirk #43 most popular location
Falkirk is a large town situated in West Lothian. It has just recently become home to the Falkirk Wheel.
32travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Ballater #44 most popular location
1travelers 1blogs
Glen Coe #45 most popular location
Glencoe is a famous valley ("glen") in Scottish Highlandsand also the name of the village adjacent to the glen on the western side. It is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and is consi…
4travelers 3reviews 7blogs
Wick #46 most popular location
3travelers 5reviews 1blogs
East Kilbride #47 most popular location
East Kilbride is a town on the outskirts of Glasgow. It is on high ground and about 10 miles south east of Glasgow city centre. East Kilbride boasts a huge shopping centre which is one of Sco…
20travelers 11reviews 2blogs
Aberfeldy #48 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews 2blogs
North Berwick #49 most popular location
North Berwick is a seaside town in East Lothian situated on the Firth of Forth roughly 25 minutes from Edinburgh. It has a small harbour and nice sandy beaches. The towns 2 most defining land…
4travelers 3reviews
Dunkeld #50 most popular location
Dunkeld is a small town in Perthshire, Scotland. The town was largely rebuilt in the early 18th century and, architecturally, has changed little since then. Attractions include a ruined ca…
2reviews 3blogs