Schönbrunn Palace (Schonbrunn Schloss)

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Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47, Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace (Schonbrunn Schloss) Vienna Reviews

odiseya odiseya
240 reviews
Visit Schonbrunn complex Feb 06, 2017
Visit to Schonbrunn is main attraction in touristic program all touristic arrangements from Balkan area. That was for me too, because that was the way I visit Vienna for first time. That excursion cost 20 euros and including transport with touristic bus (in mine case from Bratislava), visit Schonbrunn palace and park with tour guide on native language.

We enter on main gate and first we visit Royal Palace. There no allowed to take photos inside of palace. But you can go to the nice shop. You will get and simple information brochure that are available on many language including and Serbian and Croatian. After almost hour of guided tour we have some time to explore the rest of complex.

If you limited with time you can choose to explore complex with panorama train. I didn't use this advantage and I was walking around. I spend in Schoonbrun about 3 hours. I visit Royal Palace and explore complex by foot. That time was enough for me to visit and Main Courtyard, Great Parterre, Neptune Fountain and Gloriette Hill.

And that means that I didn't see much of Schönbrunn and all its attraction on area of 160 hectares.

Address: the summer-residence of the emperor

Directions: At Lichte Allee

Phone: +43 1 811 13-239

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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
Schonbrunn Palace Apr 18, 2015
Schonbrunn Palace is the former Summer Imperial Palace for the Republic of Austria therefore a must see for any tourist in Vienna. The Palace is designed in a Baroque style of architecture.

We arrived at Schonbrunn at about 11.15 am, the ticket queue was already so long. It was unclear which snake line leads to which queue or whether we are queuing in the correct queue. I waited in line patiently while my husband walked into the ticket building to ensure we are in the correct queue. A staff came out and explain in German that we could also buy tickets from inside the Children’s museum and handed out pamphlets. I spoke in English and asked for a pamphlet and she did not seem pleased. With a snob face, she past me a pamphlet in Deutsch and English. Ok that was the first bad service experience I have in Vienna!

We did a tour of The Gloriette in the Palace Garden which is free. It was cloudy and very windy and the trees have not grown (it is April but somehow Spring is not quite here yet!) therefore it aint pretty. Perhaps in Summer with all the greenery it would look better. That is why we skipped the Orangery tour. We stopped for tea & cake at the Gloriette Cafe (which I will do a separate review of) before finally heading to the Children’s Museum to buy tickets. When we tried to buy tickets, we were asked why did we queue here instead of the main building? We were told we can also buy tickets at the ticket machine. Yeah if I could find one I would! Annoying isn’t it? So we explained and luckily the girl relented after she checked with her colleagues. I was already pissed and alright to give the whole idea a pass. We bought the tickets for the Grand Tour plus audio-guide.

You have to leave your bags at the bag check-in area. You are allowed to bring along your camera but photography is forbidden (but of course I still found a Chinese tourist (amongst the loads of Chinese & Korean tourists group) snapping and video-caming herself away with her mobile phone and selfie stick in the palace while doing the Grand Tour!!)

We tried to enter with our tickets and somehow our tickets were rejected as it was time-out, that we missed our timing slot! We had to explain that when we bought the tickets, we were told we can do it anytime during this day since we are not doing a guided tour, but we are using audio-guide.

It total there are 40 or 44 rooms covered in the Grand Tour. The Palace has 1441 rooms! It is basically what you will expect to see in Palace tours – the bed rooms of the Emperor/ Queen/ Prince/ Princesses, Study/ Dining/ Rooms to hosts guests with plenty of paintings some very elaborate. It also has a room which seems a replica of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles but not quite as grand. The rooms that we are allowed to view are basically focussed on Emperor Franz Joseph, his mother Queen Maria Theresa and a bit of Sisi.

Overall, I would say the palace rooms are quite modestly decorated even though the Austria-Hungary empire was big. Somehow, it was nowhere as Grand as the rooms in Versailles or Palacio del Real. Perhaps it could be because Emperor Franz Joseph was said to be a hardworking emperor who was serious about serving his people and therefore not as flamboyant as Louis XIV.

Pics to be uploaded
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Andy99 Andy99
621 reviews
The Ultimate Historic House Museum Sep 30, 2011
Schönbrunn Palace - Schloss Schönbrunn. Imperial home of the Habsburgs and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 1,441 room Rococo palace is a must-see for visitors to Vienna.

The palace had its origins as a 14th century country estate. Emperor Maximilian II purchased it in 1569 as a hunting lodge. The original structures were destroyed during the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683. A new chateau was built over the old foundations by 1700, forming the central core of today's palace. But it was Empress Maria Theresa who really got things going at Schönbrunn! The side wings were added and the central portion and interior remodeled in Rococo style between the 1740s and the 1770s. Maria Theresa's 18th century palace is what is seen today. (The "Schönbrunn Yellow" exterior color was applied in 1819.)

Today, visitors can go though the richly appointed rooms that once regarded the presence of Maria Theresa, Mozart, Sisi, and Franz Josef. When the last Habsburg Emperor, Karl, abdicated in 1918 in favor of the Austrian Republic, Schönbrunn and its contents became a national property. Thus, unlike many European palaces, its sumptuous furnishings and decor are intact as they were when the Habsburgs left. And sumptuous they are! Conservation work is ongoing, so that amazing rooms like the Great Gallery with its gold work, mirrors, and ceiling frescoes are preserved. (When we visited, Schönbrunn was receiving its first electrical rewiring since 1901!)

One also learns much about the inhabitants of the palace. Next to Maria Theresa, Empress Sisi is the most popular figure here. (Well, maybe Sisi is the most popular. She even has a Pez dispenser in her likeness at the gift shop!) Along with Franz Josef's apartments, the beautiful Sisi's apartments are seen on the interior tour. Including her gym!

Visitors will also want to allow time to tour the vast Gardens. The layout of the Gardens, with the Great Parterre, Neptune Fountain, and Gloriette, were also the work of Maria Theresa's landscape architects.

Don't miss it!

Interior photography is not permitted. There are different ticket packages for the various parts of the palace. Basic admission to the Imperial Apartments is 10,50 Euros.
Schönbrunn - Front facade on the …
Schönbrunn entrance gate
Schönbrunn - Entrance Court
Schönbrunn - Fountain on the Cour…
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sylviandavid says:
Sounds wonderful.... too bad about the interior pictures.... that always annoys me.
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
missandrea81 says:
Great review, Andy.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2012
nimic nimic
70 reviews
Vienna's No.1 Attraction Jun 22, 2011
Finding things to do on Vienna can be tricky, but one thing is for sure, You have to visit the Schönbrunn Palace . It's the No.1 Attraction in Vienna plus the Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Palmenhaus, Wüstenhaus and the Wagenburg.

My favourite definitely was the Palace tour. They had a few ticket option

1) Grand Tour

Besides the state rooms and private apartments of the imperial couple you´ll also see the precious 18th-century interiors from the time of Maria Theresia.

Price : € 13,50 / € 9,50

2) Sisi Ticket (Which I bought)

1 ticket for 3 imperial attractions

Schönbrunn Palace

Imperial Furniture Collection

Vienna Hofburg with the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Collection

Price: € 23,50 / € 14,00

3) Schönbrunn with 1 ticket:

Schönbrunn with all its attractions - for a whole year!

Price : € 39,90 / € 19,00

4) 4 attractions with 1 ticket:

A special package with many advantages: Schönbrunn Palace, Crown Prince Garden, Maze and Gloriette

Price : € 16,50 / € 11,00

5) 5 attractions with 1 ticket

Culture, enjoyment, gentle exercise and views - the best price-performance ratio for half a day at Schönbrunn.

Price : € 19,50 / € 12,90

They also have the Winter Pass.

Of course I recommend the Sisi Ticket, It's the best way to learn so much about the palace & the infamous Sisi!

The Imperial Furniture Collection wasn't that exciting by the way,
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sylviandavid says:
Very informative. Thanks so much!
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
118 reviews
Cathrine palace and Versailles are better....... Aug 17, 2011
The palace isn't far away from the city center. Is only 8 stations from Stephansplatz by metro (line U4). From the exit of station, you need only 2-3 minutes walking untill palace. Outside of palace there is Hop on Hop off station, if you wish to move with the bus.

I wait about 40minutes in the big "tail" under a hot sun. There are about 4-5 different programs to choose about your entrance inside palace, gardens, zoo and Gloriette. The Imperial tour(10,50euro),the Grand tour(13,50euro),the classic pass(16,50euro),the classic Pass plus(19,50 euro)and the Gold pass for 39,90euro. I paid the classic pass for 16,50 euro and i must wait for 1,5 hour yet.....It was a wonderfull chance to visit the gardens and the Gloriette. The gardens are really amazing and the view from Gloriette to the palace is simply fantastic...!!!

Gloriette has a small restaurant inside, for deserts, small meals , ice creams and drinks. The classic pass permit to you the entrance on the roof of Gloriette.

When the time for my entrance in the palace reached, i wait something most impressive that i finally saw...The rooms are poor and i can't compare these, with Versailles in Paris and Cathrine palace in St.Petersburg. Photos are not permitted inside, but i tried without flash in my camera and i hadn't problems....Also, nobody from the guards or palace stuff are inside the rooms to check...:)
The big "tail"....!!!
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sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review... always great to know where a restaurant is.....and which tours are available. sylvia
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
krainy krainy
1 reviews
Nice if you're interested in culture Jun 05, 2011
Vienna at all is a nice place to be if you're interested in architecture. You can find everything there from old churches, a nice opera or even Hundertwasser Houses. Schönbrunn is definitely worth a visit. You should go there in the morning, because there are lots of tourists during the day. If you go from the main entrance behind the palace there is the stunning fountain. In the castle you can choose between different tours. The auto guides are for free and they have a modern system, so that in general you can see lots and there are never too many people.
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sylviandavid says:
Thanks for this review!
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
Dia_De_Verano Dia_De_V…
6 reviews
Tourist epicenter with a reason Dec 03, 2011
Schönbrunn is the biggest and most beautiful palace of Vienna. Also crowded with tourists (arrive early to avoid queues), but so big that everything can spread out.

We did the full tour and audio guides are included, so you know what you're seeing. The ticket isn't cheap, but remember that you need it for the viewing point at the end of the big garden.

When you have seen the palace (after being squeezed through the tourist shop -the shops in city are much cheaper-) you're ready to see the big garden. There are a lot of photo opportunities on the way to the viewing point, so keep looking backwards. Remember not to walk in your newest shoes, because when it's dry it's dusty.

Schönbrunn is definitely thé place a visitor in Vienna should see. You can easily spend half a day here, as we did.
Me and my little summer residence.
sylviandavid says:
Thanks for this review. very nice! sylvia
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
Pali Pali
7 reviews
Amazing View Nov 22, 2011
I visit the palace on a rainy day and it was still amazing, the view from the top of the hill over looking the city is definitely worth the walk to the top. Personally i did not enter the palace , as i enjoyed the garden and view from the top much more.
From the top
From the bottom
The front Yard
WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
A little farther away, but well worth visiting Oct 18, 2010
Despite being located a little farther away in Vienna and the main sights, Schonbrunn Palace is worth visiting, probably more so than the Hofburg. It was built as a summer residence for the Habsburg emperors, centuries ago.

The audio tour was a lot more interesting and organized than that of the Hofburg (which is not bad in itself). The audioguide is not as dry as the one of the other place.

Behind the palace, there is a nice garden to look at, and walk around. Admission to the garden is free, with the gate and the fountains at the edge of the grounds.

Better to get there around opening time, to beat the crowds. It can be a problem getting around tour groups, which easily cause the place to be congested. Photography is not allowed inside the palace.

Overall, a nice and impressive place to visit, when in Vienna.
Schonbrunn Palace
palace grounds
palace garden
palace garden
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sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review... great to know they have the audio guide .... it's really valuable info to have.
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
completelydifferent complete…
7 reviews
meaning beautiful spring Jul 29, 2010
It seems to be far from the city centre but the underground station Schonbrunn(line 4) is so near the palace that it is only stone's throw away. This former imperial summer residence knocked me on me knees with its baroque splendor - although i had only seen a couple of 1441 rooms.

First it was a base for recreational hunting for Habsburgs, then according to the plans of architect Fischer von Erlach it shoul have become an architectural fairy tale between woods and meadows. But Emperor Leopold died and it turned out that the costs of construction was too high even for his succesors.

Later it became a residence of Maria Theresa, who made Schonbrunn her favourite palace. The interior design, which is shown now, was made mainly during her kingship.

The whole building is painted in a Maria Theresa favourite colour - YELLOW. This specific shade is named by empress THERESIAN YELLOW.

The palace witnessed a lot of important events such as Congress of Vienna. To its famous guests belong Mozart(he played here in front of Maria Theresa at the age of 6 ), tsar Alexander and Napoleon, whose son died here.

It reflects the power and wealth of Habsburg dynasty, which ruled almost half of Europe for 600 years

If you want to get prepared for it check history of the palace :

or even print or download MP3 guide:

for more:
sylviandavid says:
1441 rooms!!! Oh my goodness.... Thanks for this review. Very nice.
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
Packed2manyShoes Packed2m…
3 reviews
Palace fit for every wannabe princess! Nov 28, 2010
I adored visiting the palace - but more than the palace, wandering the grounds and gardens. The Roman ruins are incredible! There is also a zoo and several water fountains!
The Palace from the front entrance
The grounds from the back
Some Roman ruins amongst the hedges
Palace with city view from the hil…
cvanzoen cvanzoen
26 reviews
Palace is still a beauty Aug 11, 2009
This palace has been the home of the Austrian imperial family for some generations. Of course it is old and it needs to be maintained all the time but it is beautiful.

When you walk through the rooms that are part of the tour you can almost feel like you're here with that family. So many portraits, especially of empress Elisabeth (Sissi), and a lot of items they used.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures here but in the shop (of course) they have lots of postcards with pictures that are better than yours can ever be.

When you buy the most expensive ticket you also have access to the nearby Zoo the Palmtree House and the museum for chariots. All together I think it is just worth it and if you feel it is a little expensive than consider the fact that this place needs a lot of maintaining.
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sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review.... very intersting. sylvia
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
Miranda-Maas Miranda-…
144 reviews
The palace of a fairy tale Dec 27, 2007
You really feel like you're living in the time of Sissi when you visit this palace. Everything is in the style of that time. Most rooms inside the palace are still exactly the same as they were years ago. You can see the orignial furniture, wall carpets and clothes of the prince and princess. Every room is even more beautiful as the room before. Especially the ball room is amazing. When you stand in there, you can imagine how people were dancing the Waltz in there. That's why the waltz is called 'Vienna Waltz'. When you enter the palace, you can choose to visit the palace with an audiotour. I will recommend you to do that because you will learn and see much more then without the tour. After visiting the palace, you can visit the immense gardens. We walked there for a while and it's even bigger then a park but so beautiful. I suppose this attraction is the most romantic one in Vienna!
2 / 2 TravBuddies found this review helpful/trustworthy
sylviandavid says:
Sounds so wonderful to tour.... We would love to go there! .... and will one day! sylvia
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
alyssa_ob says:
The guided tour is also nice.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
JessyT JessyT
1 reviews
May 17, 2007
This is one of the palaces owned by the Habsburgs, the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is modeled after Versailles, and it is absolutely magnificent. You can go there for free if you just want to have a look and walk around the palace grounds. There is a tour available, however I did not take it so I can't comment on the price of that. Make sure you take the walk to the top of the hill behind the palace that overlooks the whole city, it's a fantastic view! Have lunch at the Gloriette while you're there, you won't regret it. The food is simple but delicious and reasonably priced. Make sure you get some eis (Austrian ice cream) before you leave. Also located at Schonbrunn is the oldest zoo in the world, once belonging to the Habsburg family. There are student prices here, and if you like zoos, you should definitely check this one out.
1 / 1 TravBuddies found this review helpful/trustworthy
sylviandavid says:
Thanks for this review.... sounds like such a great place.... Sylvia
Posted on: Mar 20, 2012
stryker520 stryker5…
3 reviews
Nov 01, 2007
Schonbrunn Palace was beautiful. The gardens are amazing and the tour of the palace was superb. This is a must see if you are visiting Vienna. We allotted 5 hours for this place and found ourselves rushing near the end to see it all.
View of Schonbrunn Palace
Gardens of Schonbrunn
the_bill the_bill
30 reviews
Schonbrunn Palace Aug 24, 2003
I really enjoyed touring the Schonbrunn Palace. Its an amazing palace and the grounds are huge. We also were able to catch a performance of the Lipizanner Stallions at the palace. That was a very memorable experience.
karla says:
There's also a nice "adventmarkt" in Winter. And I love the Pandas in the zoo of Schönbrunn.
Posted on: Nov 28, 2006

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