Scam artists, pick pockets and touts

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Kiev, Ukraine

Scam artists, pick pockets and touts Kiev Reviews

BamaDiva BamaDiva
2 reviews
Watch out for scam artist at Princess Juliana Airport Aug 30, 2010
Upon arriving in Sint Maarten, I had the only really bad experience of my entire stay. As I was leaving the airport to catch a cab to the resort, I was apparently targeted by a female scam artist. As I was entering the interior doors of the vestibule headed to the exterior of the building, I noticed a woman about to pass into the vestibule from my left. I was several paces ahead of her and paid no attention until she started screaming as I was about to cross the threshold of the exterior door. I turned around and she was standing just inside the interior door, claiming that I had run over her foot with my bag. I said I was sorry and kept going. She followed me outside screeching about how I almost took off her toe and didn't apologize. She caused quite a scene, with her finally claiming I almost removed her whole foot before she went about her business after chastising me for turning my back on her after saying I was sorry. She said, we do not do that here!" Since I was pulling my bag with my right hand on the right side of my body and she was several paces behind me and to my left, there was no way I could have possibly run over her foot. My bag had hit no bump and there were no markings of any kind on her foot. I believe her expectation was that I would give her money to calm her down and shorten the drama. She was wrong; I work hard for my money and will not part with it so easily. Please pay close attention when you are entering or leaving PJIA!
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Canada_Turning_Leaf Canada_T…
1 reviews
Beware of scam artists in Paris Jun 27, 2010
The String Men are usually found at Sacré-Coeur which is the most popular church after Notre Dame. They approach tourists (usually women and people who are easy targets) walking up the stairs towards the church. The string man will grab her wrist and wrap the string around it to make a bracelet. Once he his done will demand for money. With confidence say "Non merci" and they will leave you alone.
nsg007 nsg007
11 reviews
Beware of scams, pickpockets and touts Apr 26, 2008
Last year I was making my way from the Kiev International to the domestic terminal and I almost fell victim to a scam that apparently is very old but happened to me for the first time. A guy in front of me, found a bundle of money - around $2000 and looked at me and told me how lucky he was etc etc. I told him to find the owner and he said there was nobody around. I told him to give the money to the police, but he said that the police would just pocket it.

He then offered to split the money with me. He took me aside and just then someone came looking for the money and he said he didn't know anything about it. I told the man that this guy had his money. At first he denied having it. They went back and forth and finally the guy gave the man his money. I made my way out of there as soon as possible. The guy handed the money back, but obviously they were in it together and their plan failed because I realized that something was wrong. I was told later that this could have ended in two different scenarios

1) They would have taken me aside, taken out a knife and asked for my money. 2) He would have told me to keep half the money, and right then before giving it to me a person claiming to be the rightful owner would come while the first person would disappear and somehow hold me responsible for all the money. In either scenario the outcome wouldn't have been good.

Funnily enough, I saw the same thing happening (different person) when I was in Central Kiev a few days later. I shouted at the guy this time telling him to go to hell. I consider myself an experienced traveler but the professional scam artist, ropes you into a situation so naturally, you have to realize it to snap out of it. Think about the last time someone asked you the time, or bumped into you and said "excuse me." Its as simple as that. Would you be suspicious? Probably not, but always keep your "antenna up."

Another thing I noticed is that during Rush hour, getting into a metro in any big city is quite an event, but in Kiev, I once noticed two larger men holding newspapers making it more difficult than it was to get into the train. They were using their size to try and squeeze the people entering. My friend felt the newspaper against his jacket with the man's hand concealed behind the newspaper and the zip of his front jacket pocket move. When he turned his head, the man moved away and pretended like he was still squeezing his way to the back.

Big cities like London and Paris have cameras pointing in every which direction and thanks to the booming economy, the pickpocketers of yester-year have moved on to become government officials and dot com millionaire ;-), but in some parts of Europe, the professional pickpockets are still honing their skill on unsuspecting tourists :-)
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jucasinc says:
I don't speak Russian at all, how do I go about getting to my hotel when I arrive to the airport?. It will be very obvious I am new there. My flight arrives at 10:30PM ... any tips?
Posted on: Aug 18, 2012
Vipin says:
really useful review, thanks for sharing. hopefully the scam artists didn't stop you from appreciating the beauty and culture of the country :)
Posted on: Aug 30, 2010
paul-joseph says:
Thank you for this useful information. I take students overseas on a study tour every year and it is good to be aware of these scams.

Thank you again for sharing this with us.
Posted on: Jun 26, 2010
mccavery mccavery
1 reviews
scams Jun 28, 2008
dont play three card money on the street, its a fix-you wont win!!

dont buy anything from african men . ie. watches,jewlery,glasses...

they're fake!! if u must dont go higher than E15 no matter what they say.
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