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Sometimes described as a beautiful lady with a dirty face, and reveling in a sense of adventure and somewhat-sinful and undignified behavior, Savannah is the 4th largest city in Georgia. While Charleston is well known for its dignified and refined sense of manners and appropriateness, Savannah has always had a reputation for being a somewhat less-than-reputable place for people to come when they want to enjoy life beyond garden parties and simpering about. While it’s true that Southern hospitality is evident throughout the state, Savannah has a darker side to it than most other cities in Georgia, one that pulls in tourists year-round who are looking for a little bit of risqué with their Georgian experience.

Savannah is a town where something is always going on. There are various music and film festivals throughout the year, as well as art festivals and otherwise. There are museums, theaters, and places like the City Market, which is located in the historic part of the city. River Street is well-known by tourists for its cobblestone street along the bank of the Savannah River, but locals claim that the real way to get to know Savannah is through the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which portrays the side of Savannah that you can only experience if you have lived there for any period of time; a dark, seedy underbelly that exists beneath the shiny façade put on to lure in tourists.

Savannah is a city with a party vibe. It is virtually impossible to stay put in one place while coming here, and with plenty of museums, parks, a trip on a riverboat, plenty of shopping, drinking, eating, and more, this is one city that can keep a person entertained for weeks at a time. And while there is a more serious side to the city that can only be explained as “dignified”, it’s a side of Savannah that rarely shows itself, and probably for the better. Let Charleston keep its position as the pristine lady, and let Savannah have her day in the sun as the wild child.

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