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Sarawak Overview

Sarawak, is a state in the island of Borneo (the other one being Sabah). It is the largest state in Malaysia. The capital of Sarawak, is Kuching. Sarawak is separated from the Indonesian part of Borneo by high hills and mountains that are part of the central mountain range of Borneo. Sarawak means "cat" in Malay and the city's affiliation with cats, from the manhole covers, statues in the city to the kitsch cat museum in the government DBKU building serve as a constant reminder of this.

The Ibans are the largest populations in Kuching. Sarawak plays a huge role in Malaysia's tourism. Sarawak was visited by 3 million tourists in 2010. As for 2011, the state is targeting 4 million. Some of the popular attractions in Sarawak are Kuching City, Gunung Mulu National Park & so on.

Far prettier than it's well known Sabah cousin Kota Kinabalu, Kuching is an ideal spot to plan Sarawak adventures from or to spend days discovering the city's unique take on cuisine (Sarawak Laska makes for an excellent breakfast).