Saqqara Pyramids

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30 km south of modern-day Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

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The First Pyramid Jan 13, 2010
Saqqara Pyramid Field – 2600 BC

The step Pyramid of Djoser is the first true pyramid built by Egyptians during the Old Kingdom period. Built by the 3rd Dynasty King Djoser by building six stone tombs, or mastabas, on top of each other. The pyramid formed part of a large funeral compound. Its interior is currently closed to the public, but you can sneak around the back to descend to its entrance.

Other pyramids at Saqqara include the 3rd Dynasty ruined step pyramid of Sekhemket, the 5th Dynasty pyramid of Unas, 5th Dynasty pyramid of Userkaf, and 6th Dynasty pyramid of Teti. Though it appears to be just a pile of rubble, the pyramid of Teti can be entered, and has an excellent well preserved interior. Of all the pyramids I entered in Egypt, this is the only one that has hieroglyphics inside.

The Saqqara Pyramid field is also host to a number of other tombs and buildings, many with beautiful paintings and carvings. Touts will try to guide you to special ‘off limit’ areas. To see at least one of these areas is actually quite good, as they require access though locked gates, but after one they are all very similar. I tried to find someone to bribe to lead me deep into the Persian Tomb Pit by Sekhemket’s Pyramid, but could not. If someone offers you this tour, it is highly recommended. Be careful when walking around the field, there are many deep tombs precariously left open.

To get to Saqqara, hire a taxi for the day and include the Dashur Pyramid field too. Saqqara also has an excellent museum at its entrance site.
Funeray complex and Djoser's Step …
Pyramid of Unas has a fantastic in…
Deep Persian Tombs litter the site…
The huge Step Pyramid's entrance i…
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Hossam Hossam
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Saqqara Pyramids Dec 10, 2009
The necropolis at Saqqara is a short drive from Cairo and is particularly interesting

I was told that Saqqara pyramid is the world’s first and oldest stone-built Pyramid. I was also told that most of the outside stone for the pyramid was removed years ago, taken to build a mosque. The pyramid is pretty impressive.

Tomb of Mereruka is The main tomb has some of the best ancient wall paintings. also While at Saqqara, you should try to visit The Mastaba of Ti, the Tomb of Mereruka, and the Pyramid of Teti.

There are additional attractions like the Serapeum, the Tomb of Akhti-Hotep, and the Imhotep Museum. The Pyramid of Teti is a short distance from the step pyramid and even though it is in ruins, you can descend into the tomb. The descent is somewhat steep and is only about four feet high, so you have to crawl down to the depth of the chamber and follow a corridor of about four feet high and maybe five feet wide for a short distance until you reach the burial chamber. There you can stand up. The lidless sarcophagus is still there as are lots of carvings and the starry ceiling. There are no wall paintings like in the Valley of Kings.
saqqara pyramid
lucyterry says:
Apart from the above 2 comments. There is a small but very interesting new museum now, plus a small cafe operated by The Meridien Hotel Pyramids.

Any other info plz don't hesitate to ask as I have been living in Cairo since 2009.
Posted on: May 02, 2011

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