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#1 of 6 hotels in Sapa
jaeWALK says: "Chau Long Sapa Hotel apparently is one of the high end hotels in Sapa. I didn't ..."
#2 of 6 hotels in Sapa
Jeroenadmiraal says: "The Sunny Mountain hotel lies at a central location in Sapa. The hotel takes goo..."
#3 of 6 hotels in Sapa
Paulovic says: "In the early morning we arrived in this hotel in Sapa after searching for a desc..."
#4 of 6 hotels in Sapa
davejo says: "We booked this hotel a couple of months before our trip as we wanted to be sure ..."
#5 of 6 hotels in Sapa
shavy says: "This hotel is included in tour package, so I really don't know how much the pric..."
#6 of 6 hotels in Sapa
There are no reviews or descriptions of Bamboo Sapa Hotel yet. Have you stayed here? Write a review.
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