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Santiago do Cacem Overview

Santiago do Cacém is a small town and everywhere you go, you will be able to see the castle

The origins of the castle of Santiago do Cacém are rather curious, the result of the victory of a warrior princess over a fierce Moor called Kassen that took place on Santiago's (St James's) day. She therefore named it Santiago de Kassen, which, over the time, became Santiago do Cacém Rectangular in shape, ten towers and cubic turrets reinforce the halls.

There is a superb view from the castle, whichever way you look. The parish church stands next to it, with its 19th century cemetery. It was put up on the instructions of the Order of the Gladiators when the settlement was donated to them during the 13th century. Of ancient construction, it has undergone significant alterations. During the 18th century the orientation of the church was altered ant it was given a new facade. The south side still retains its gothic portal. There is an outstanding 14th century gothic high relief depicting St. James fighting the Moors

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