Santa Teresa

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Santa Teresa - VERY steep hill and the bus ride down the stone hill rattled my skull and entire spine!
Santa Teresa - Trolley stop
Santa Teresa - We ate outdoors
Santa Teresa - Quiet streets during the early afternoon (but it gets crowded later)
Santa Teresa - Little tucked away bars and restaurants in St. Teresa
Santa Teresa - Walk past the Arches of Lapa

Santa Teresa Rio de Janeiro Reviews

HuBison HuBison
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Cool little area for bars and restaurants up in the hills May 12, 2012
We took a van from Copacabana to Lapa for R$2.50 and walked past the Arches of Lapa. From there you can walk up Silvio Romero for a 15 minute walk if it's daytime and you feel safe. We took the 006 bus a block beyond that (on the right side of the street) up to Santa Teresa and my poor spine as well as the little bones in my ears were rattled the whole way up the cobblestone road!

We were dropped off where the road split and easily walked to a row of bars and restaurants. Our time was limited, so we didn't get to walk around too much, but it is a cute little place. I met a local who said the area has changed and he wouldn't walk around at night on his own. It was full of tourists coming up from Lapa as well as those staying in Santa Teresa and restaurants filled up quickly.

We ate a place that had great outdoor seating, but the poor waiter seemed overwhelmed and the service took a while. The food was good and we enjoyed the breeze and perfect weather/temperatures, but it took so long to get out of there. The woman behind the bar still does the billing and receipts by hand and I really wanted to buy the woman a calculator.

It's a good place to go eat and hang out at and you'll have to ask around about where you can and shouldn't walk and if it's safe to stay up there after sunset. I would have some difficulty staying here in a hotel or apartment and then trying to get back down into the city each evening or trying to stumble up the hill half drunk from a crazy night out in Lapa.
Walk past the Arches of Lapa
Little tucked away bars and restau…
Quiet streets during the early aft…
We ate outdoors
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taisanb taisanb
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Santa Teresa - One of the most unique places in Rio Apr 07, 2011
Even though Santa Teresa is not that easy to get to, no tourist should miss an afternoon there. I always recommend to take a cab and ask the driver to leave you at Largo do Guimarães. From there you can wander around the unique streets of Sta Teresa. You'll find interesting bars, cute houses and great souvenirs(they're pricy, though).

Take the street car to get good views from the city. It costs R$ 0,60 and it's for free if you take it standing up.
kawasugi kawasugi
1 reviews
Great experience in Rio Dec 27, 2010
Maybe it was the unexpected bus trip from Corcovado with 3 fun ladies from London. Maybe it was the super helpful Carioca who gave us directions and set us up at a great restaurant before sending us to the famous stairs that connect Lapa with Santa Teresa, then down winding cobbled roads before finding the beat-up tram station. Whatever it was, this gem of Rio finally flipped that switch in my head that this town, this city is amazing.

The tram is kindof like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Fast then slow, hang on for your own good. People laughing, locals and tourists all having a good time. We got off at some cross-roads where we had some Caipirinhas, stood around talking with the locals drinking beer waiting for the tram to return and watching the sky turn from day to night.

This area and the tram ride are not for timid travelers who are afraid to mix with locals or venture away from the safe confines of a tour bus. Thank God. It's edgy, a little raw, bohemian and one of my favorite parts of Rio so far.
HuBison says:
No pictures? Aww man!
Posted on: Jan 15, 2012

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