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The republic of San Marino was founded in 1866, and is situated between the two Italian regions Emilia Romagna and Marche. It is the worlds smallest republic. It is very hilly - the republic is situated on the Titano mountain, that is the most esatern part of the Appeniner mountain-chain. Pico de la Rocca (749 m) is the highest point in the little city state.

In the surrounding countryside they harvest grain and wine and they breed goats but there is no doubt that touristism is their main source of income. The country is situated very close to the welknown city of Rimini and the coast of adriater sea.

San Marino is popular for it's fascination with weaponry. You can visit the various museums, for instance the gory museum of torture. It is not uncommon to find a host of weapons for purchase in most of the shop windows, for instance guns and samurai swords.

There are numerous excellent roads leading to the Republic of San Marino. The most important is the motor highway which connects Rimini with Borgo Maggiore on the same layout as the old consular road of 1870.