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An island of its own... environment-friendly initiatives, yoga, massage, meditation, nature-friendly products,... the whole place is teeming with this atmosphere... and rather different from San Pedro or Santiago, the other villages around Lake Attitlan.... people often come here to stay for long and imbibe the eco-life...

San Marcos La Laguna is a quite little town on Lake Atitlan which can only reached by boat. One simply jumps on one of the numerous "water taxis" from Panajachel. Costs are very nominal and the trip is very calm,. The views along this 45 minute trip are worth the effort.
The most striking feature of this town is that it has practically no roads as everything is reached by thin foot paths through trees and between buildings. Handmade signs direct you to the most common destinations at any intersection. These homemade paths have a very intimate feel to them. They are shaped by the plants and flowers that create almost fences that guide you in the correct path.
San Marcos offers a wide variety of studios catering to pure relaxation including yoga, reiki and massage. Many yogis often travel to San Marcos to practice their yoga at the highest level of peace and harmony. San Marcos also houses one of the most harmonious massage clinics in all of Guatemala.
Actually, the island is quite enchanting. It is one of those places that forces a person to stop and think; forces a person to look and observe. The pace slows down to a crawl. If your idea of enjoyment is to get back to a natural setting, a serene mecca, peace and reflection..this is the place for you. There are great accommodations and restaurants at reasonable costs.

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