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San Lucas Toliman Overview

San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala is located in the heart of the country surrounded by a beautiful set of mountains and volcanos. This area was one that was devistated by warfare just 10 years ago when the country was in Civil War. Finally with the country out of war and the government rebuilding, the indiginous people are rebuilding their cities and uniting to create communities that will take your breath away.

The area contains everything a true traveler enjoys. Since the area was in war, there is plenty of opportunity for service work as well as being a prime spot to take day trips to major cities, the Mayan ruins or to the coast. One other unique aspect to San Lucas Toliman is its surroundings. Being in a plentiful area, many different species of plants grow here. This area has a perfect elevation for coffee, pencil trees, rubber trees, bananas, and even sugar cane. With the altitude comes some of the most amazing hikes one could take. With some of the largest volcano's in Guatemala, local's become tour guides taking you on trips that can lead you upwards of 12 hours to the top of volcano's. These trips allow you to have one of the most beautiful views seeing literally from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

All in all, Guatemala as a whole is a country to keep the traveler busy and awe struck. This is a fantastic area to travel as it always will offer you an experience you have never had.

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