San Fermin Festival

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Pamplona, Spain

San Fermin Festival Pamplona Reviews

grantnesbit grantnes…
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Pamplona, Spain fo rSan Fermin Festival Oct 14, 2012
If you like people and a festival atmosphere, this is a MUST do! Run with the Bulls in the morning, drink wine all day, attend the bull fights, and dance in the streets all night long. It's a blast.

Accommodations are tough to get and you will be paying a lot for not the best places, but it's worth it for the fun. We stayed in a hostel-type place with a community bathroom. We opted to stay close to the action. It was loud with music, but that's what we wanted.
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liveheregothere says:
dude you did it in the wrong order. you are supposed to start with the fights in the evening and end with the run after dancing/drinking all night. if you hire the right tour guide you may even end up staying in a nice hotel right in the action for the same price you paid for the community bathroom hostel. travel often, travel well my friend...
Posted on: Apr 06, 2013
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dries_habex dries_ha…
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bulls on parade May 06, 2011
everybody knows pamplona from the bulls, but that activity is just the top of the mountain of activities, the festival san fermin has to offer. It lasts for a week. The second most exhilarating thing is the opening of the festival on one of the main squares, mostly starts at 1 PM and everybody goes nuts and poors sangria on each other. Also jumping from balconies in the crowd is popular, but one australian girl died from it when i was there. (dont do it drunk).

Lots of parties and street artists and cultural processes.

Running with the bulls is a must if you are there, statistically it is pretty safe, just stay on your feet and be more afraid of the people around you then from the bulls.

make sure you start in the second half of the route so you can make it in to the arena, this will give running with the bulls an extra dimension, you ll see.

If you dont book you will have problems finding hotels at a reasonable price. try the holiday in express at the outskirts of the city. We first had to go to a camping 20 km away, but eventually found a local in the city that wanted to host us for a reasonable price, we learned lots of locals offer this during the festival
liveheregothere livehere…
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Summer in Spain Sep 13, 2010
Summer is the time for San Fermin in Spain! If you find yourself in Spain in early July, you should find out how far you are from the city of Pamplona. Although it would be difficult to duplicate all that entailed my birthday adventure this past July (not saying that I would recommend it) the San Fermin Festival has developed into an experience most would appreciate when seeking out an extreme European vacation. We were greeted with Spain winning the world cup and fireworks going off as we began our first night. It was somewhere around 10 PM when the huge party started in town square. This party was obviously going through the night till sunrise, but what I didn't find out was that this happens every night for a week! The streets/alleyways are packed with pubs that have a sexy mix of hanging meat, pumping tunes, cocktails, and girls. Apparently, the idea is to get drunk and crazy enough at night to talk yourself into running uphill alongside wild animals that were probably placing bets amongst themselves the night before to see which of them could gore the most humans on their way into the arena. Oh and there is a surprise waiting for the luck few who make it into the arena. Once you are exhausted from the "true run for your life experience" you have to jump a 5 ft wall to get out of the arena and safely to a bottle of water nearby. I would not recommend actually participating unless you consider yourself very fit. There are plenty of famous and excellent viewing points provided you arrive around 6-7 AM. If you do run and get gored, they advise to drop and roll under the fence where local parametic types will staple you back together. This is a not a good place to hold kindergarden playtime as it may or may not be graphic/scary for them. It is however a great choose your own adventure type of trip. You can just as easily be a safe spectator as you can be a hero. The 1,000,000 plus surge of locals and tourists alike see this as the beginning of the Summer fun each year. The mood is very carefree to the point where you may frequently find yourself walking into a pub to grab a draft and walking out in full sway singing a local tune with a large group of new friends. Accomodations are plentiful. Public trasit is cheap and runs 24 hours a day.
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