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2929 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA, USA

San Diego Zoo Reviews

trinademattei trinadem…
70 reviews
Simply the Best Aug 26, 2014
I love zoo's and hate them equally at the same time. Every zoo I've ever visited until the San Diego Zoo left me feeling somewhat melancholy. The San Diego began to change my perception. First off, it's exceptionally well laid out. Get ready to walk as there are more animals here then anywhere else. The park is clean, we'll staffed and the exhibits are marked clearly.

The flora and fauna is impressive and I was amazed that it looked like a botanical garden . The food and drink is expensive and if you want to save money you should bring your own. If you are able to go on a week day go and avoid the crowds. If you have issues walking you can use the sky tram or shuttle that drives around to all the exhibits.

Overall, I'd love to go again one day. The zoo sets the bar in terms the treatment and housing of animals. Visit if you can!
I see your spots. Photo by Trina…
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mouzouris mouzouris
29 reviews
Best Zoo May 15, 2014
This Zoo is amazing !!! You definitely need half to a full day to see the whole thing. We got there right when it opened and we started with the double decker bus tour which was a good idea because you get a feeling of what to see and where everything was. Also all the animals were pretty active because it was first thing in the morning. It was a pretty windy day (30+ mph winds) so they had the Sky Ride closed for safety reasons. We got food for our five year old which was just ok but way overpriced as expected. Highly recommend it if you're in San Diego with kids.
pretty_girl pretty_g…
196 reviews
Great Zoo! Oct 30, 2012
Absolutely incredible way to spend a whole day in San Diego Zoo. Awesome place. Bring comfortable shoes, camera and battery to exchange. We took more then 450 pictures and some videos. Lots to see, easy to navigate around the park. One day pass (42$) includes Guided Bus Tour (you can use 1 time, 35 min.tour), Express Bus( a hop on hop off way to get to major areas, Skyfari Aerial Tram (as much as you want - 4 min. journey).

For additional 6 $ we visited 4D cinema, 15 min. movie with 3D, and other effects. Last movie starts at 4 pm.

10-20 $ you will have pictures with pandas.

Everyone employee we came upon had a smile and kind words to say.

The variety of animals was wonderful.

You can't go wrong with this zoo. Fun place for all ages.
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ccjbeachbum says:
great zoo isnt it
Posted on: Oct 30, 2012
vishal_ says:
looks great!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2012
kingoftheicedragons kingofth…
83 reviews
America's Best May 14, 2011
The San Diego Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in the United States, and for good reason. The zoo is fairly large, and your odds of visiting all of it in one day may be pushing it if you actually want to see everything. They do have ways to get you from one area of the zoo to another, and I would recommend that you take advantage of things like the shuttle buses to see some of the zoo. If you want to go back and and see some of the exhibits better, just get off at the closest shuttle stop and walk.

One of the most popular attractions here would be the giant pandas, and when we were there, we actually got to see some young ones as well. Other popular attractions include the koala, hippo, rhino, and elephant.

Even with the transportation options, you are likely going to be doing a lot of walking.
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montecarlostar says:
I've always heard the same comments about this zoo. Will definitively have to visit it next time I am in San Diego.
Posted on: May 14, 2011
jennreitz jennreitz
2 reviews
The Best Zoo! Dec 19, 2010
The San Diego zoo has to be one of my favorite placs to spend time here at home. I buy the season pass and often just go alone...but it's always a favorite when friends or family are in town.

silirat silirat
31 reviews
Lives up to it's reputation Apr 11, 2009
Built in the early twentieth century, this zoo has grown to be one of the more famous zoos in the world.

Start early... that's one piece of advice I can give you. The zoo is huge and there is a lot to see and do, and you will feel really guilty if you miss anything. To help get around, there are buses that make regular stops. These buses don't give tours but they do give you directions. Another set of buses give a tour that lasts around 40 minutes. I find that the quality of the tour varies depending on the driver. Finally, there is an aerial tram that cross from one side of the zoo to the other.

The selection of animals is huge and they run the whole range from cute and passive to ugly and aggressive, and sometime can be really surmising. Watching orangutangs use leaves as umbrellas during a sudden rainfall was enlightening.

At 42$ it's pretty steep, but you get a full day of interesting, adorable and humorous activity. Great fun for the whole proverbial family.
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montecarlostar says:
This must be a really great zoo. Would love to go one day.
Posted on: Jan 29, 2012
electricapples electric…
51 reviews
The Best Zoo I've Been To Mar 15, 2009
The San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country (it may be the best depending on who you ask). It's definately the best zoo I've ever been to. It's really big, so I would recommend buying the bus pass and skylift ride along with your entrance ticket. It's the best way to get a quick overview of most of the zoo, then once you begin walking around, you can catch the bus or the skylift to another part of the zoo. It really helps with all the walking you'll be doing. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but it's worth it!
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tridantri tridantri
26 reviews
San Diego Zoo Sep 30, 2009
I had heard that San Diego zoo was one of the best in the world so I had high hopes. I decided to walk there from downtown San Diego, which took about an hour but there are plenty of busses that stop outside the zoo.

There were few people queuing when I arrived so I was able to pay and enter quickly. It is a bit pricy but it would be possible to spend most of a day there. The zoo is huge so there are busses that take you around with drop off points around the zoo. I couldn’t work out which were free and which you had to pay for though so I just walked everywhere. It is well laid out so you can walk in loops so you don’t ever have to go back on yourself, saving time and energy.

The zoo is home to so many different types of animals, from Koala to tigers to polar bears. There are also some Giant Panda, which are a very popular attraction at the zoo so there was a long queue to see them.

This is a fantastic zoo and if you have a few days in San Diego then I would highly recommend it.
jamartin39 jamartin…
113 reviews
San Diego Zoo Jul 21, 2009
The San Diego Zoo is a good place for a day trip. It is one of the best zoos in the world for a reason. All the different animals are absolutely amazing, as well as the habitats they live in. The caretakers do an excellent job taking care of those animals and it shows. The attractions inside the zoo like the skyway ride give you amazing views of the park and surrounding areas. You can spend a whole day just looking around in amazement at all the different things around you and learn about the animals and their habitats. They have a bus ride that goes around the zoo that is narrated and it’s a really good trip and good source of info on everything around you. There are some spots where you can get off the bus ride and pick it up again later; this is a good feature because the zoo is so huge, it really would take all day to walk around the whole thing.
The Giraffe's
A Rhino
Galapogos Turtles
ceh23 ceh23
8 reviews
Can't Pass Up Dec 22, 2009
I don't know how anyone could go to San Diego and not go to this zoo. It's pretty much the coolest zoo in the world. It's so big, I'd recommend getting a bus pass (It's not too expensive and it's worht it). I also recommend feeding a giraffe!
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mkarinaa mkarinaa
48 reviews
SD Zoo Sep 12, 2009
Its a zoo...with animals.

Everyone raves about it but its nothing special.

It'd be fun for the kids. I was done with it in 2 hours, I mean how long can you stare at those animals?

If you're in San Diego check it out, but don't go out of your way to go there. If you want to see some animals just go to your local zoo.
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nik2blessed nik2bles…
94 reviews
San Diego Zoo exprience Jul 01, 2008
Skyfari Aerial Tram - This is what I was riding in this photo, this is not included with your entrance fee but worth it to see the entire zoo. Fun times for all the times I have gone. I am from San Diego and all my life I have seen the changes and improvements they have made. This park is extremely huge so get your sneakers on and prepare for some walking throughout the day.

The animals range from just about any and everything you could think of. Amphibian,

Bird, Mammal, Reptile and Insects...all very safe attractions for everyone. These animals are enjoyable and not shy so bring a camera too. Also for yourself bring some lunch, and if you want just bring cash to buy it. The price is not cheap but average for huge attractions as such.

Any questions hit me up, God Bless ;)
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stevenguyen stevengu…
81 reviews
Jul 02, 2007
Although I'm not a great fan of zoos, I decided to go straight over as it was only a few minutes walk away from my friend's place. I had about a week in San Diego in late March, so I had to kill some time with a day at the zoo. It's a bit pricey to get in, around $33.00, but you can spend the day there. There's a bus tour (but you don't get off the bus) to give you the layout (price included in admission), but be prepared to walk a bit after the tour. The animals, of course, are the main attraction, but the whole scene is welcoming and the staff and facilities are very nice - not overwhelming as some large zoos can be. In high season it could be a different story, judging from the acres of parking lots. There are lot of opportunities to take photos of the animals - without shooting through bars. As I said, the admission and eats are a little expensive, but it is a big facility in a big city, and the money goes to a lot of endangered species activities and breeding programs for other zoos. It has to be said that we had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon there!. It is extremely well laid out. We bought tickets that gave us use of the buses and aerial tramway, and we made use of both. A word of warning-if you are slightly nervous about heights be careful on the aerial tramway, it is a lot higher when you are up there than it looks from the ground! It is however a good way of reaching the far side of the zoo, from which you can then meander back through the exhibits. Again, be aware that some of the sidewalks are up steep gradients. We used the bus to get back to the elephants etc., that were close to the exit of the park.

And if you don't like zoos, there's always beaches and shopping centers around the La Jolla area.
This is an image of the entrance t…
Hookee2000 Hookee20…
12 reviews
Zoo - Unmatched Dec 10, 2004
Location is great. I would encourage all to use the 2 legs they are born with, From downtown to the Zoo is about 30 min uphill walk but the scenery is great!

If you got the time then do it - Do not rush it, Use your feet to get there, Once there i hope you explore a Zoo like i did really unmatched! - its quite different elevations so it will be a bit of up and down walking. consider it a 4-5 hour stairmaster training :)

But you will see Gorillas, Orangutangs, Pandas, Reptiles and much more and beautiful surroundings, Even with the many steps i took that day i doubt my heartrate was above resting pace cause this place made me so relaxed all day.

I will love to come back here in 2011.
Pink Flamingos at San Diego Zoo
Gorillas at San Diego Zoo
kingoftheicedragons says:
The San Diego zoo was a great memory, lots of animals we haven't seen other places. We didn't walk to it, though. We took a combination of light rail and the bus system to get there from the harbor.
Posted on: May 08, 2011

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