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sdbleve sdbleve
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Nov 18, 2007
A couple of months ago Brian asked me to take him to go see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit at the San Diego Naturual History Museum. I looked at the calander and figured out when a good time would be. I but in a leave slip at work so I would be well rested (or not sleepy when I went to work). But...I did not put the date in my day runner or PDA, and with the other things going on I forgot. I showed up for work, and my boss said. "What are you doing here?". I (at that time) had no idea what she was talking about. She told me that I was on the schedule listed as having the night off. Having forgot about my plans, I spaced and told her I had no idea what she was talking about. Later in the morning, another boss lady found a copy of my leave slip and it all fell into place. Sorry about the confusion Patti!

I decided that today was still a good day to take the boys, so I picked them up from school during lunch and off we went. First stop was KFC for lunch. Dont waste your time on the little biscuit sandwiches. That are just that "LITTLE". Then off to Balboa Park for the exhibit. It was an interesting display, but to be honest nothing to write home about (well I guess that is not quite true, here I am writting about it!). Most of the exhibit is composed of photos of the area around where the scrolls were found. Very beautiful pictures...but not really what I had come to see. The actual scroll part of the exhibit is downstairs. I did not know what I was expecting...but the scrolls were not really scrolls, but more like bits and pieces of them. The actual pieces are very very small. The exhibit has created enlarged reproductions of what you are looking at to make it easier to see, but the actual artifacts are very very very small. No pictures were allowed so I cant post any here. The one thing that did impress me was a bit about the book of Psalms. Apparently it is the one part of the ancient teachings that has changed very little of the years. To me, that means that a lot of the rest of the teachings from those times have been left open to the interpratation and thus influence of those that read and then preach them. Have you ever played the game where somebody tells a story, and then it is passed on from one person to another? The more it is passed on, the more it changes. It is this realization that colored my view of organized religion. I know, I know, it is all suppose to be about faith. But what do you base your faith on...teachings that have been passed on and influenced by men with their own agendas? Oh well, I believe there is good and there is bad. I just try to keep to the side of the good!

Taking the boys to the museum was interesting. Brian was very interested in the exhibit. Bobby, not so much. Bobby was more interested in the exhibits that are the usual part of the museum. He kept himself busy with those exhibits while Brian and I explored the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit. The one thing that they both agreed on though, was that we were not leaving until they got to see the giant pendulum knock over one of the litte figures that had been set up to demonstrate what ever principle they were showing. Yes I know what the theory is, but nobody was able to answer my questions about how the set up sucessfully demonstrated their theory. What was I thinking. It was Friday afternoon, it was to late to be asking hard questions!!
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