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San Cristóbal is a city of significant importance to Dominican Republic, this town, just a few kilometers (25) from the main city, Santo Domingo, is the fourth largest city in the country in terms of population, and hosts one of the main industrial centers. Touristic it is overshadow by the main beach attractions, but it has greatly contributed to the historic book of this small island.

San Cristóbal is located in a small valley of the Cordillera Central. As soon as you enter in town you’ll find yourself surrounded by mountains at each step. You can jump from mountains achieving the 700mts to the coast of the Caribbean Sea, at 0 meters to the sea level.

For a little of history of the XVI century, go visit the ruins of the first sugar cane factory, Ingenio Boca de Nigua and Ingenio Diego Caballero and the Church San Gregorio de Nigua.

For a more recent history Get lost around the streets of the downtown, and enjoy the beautiful paintings at the Catholic Church Nuestra Señora de la Consolación and the Cerro Castle. Some of the main historical sites, is told to have tunnels built by the dictator Trujillo during the 1930-1960 for it safety.

Enjoy the natural beauty of its rivers and beaches as Najayo, Palenque and Cocolandia as well as its famous Balneario La Toma; This is a standing water formed by the waters of a natural river. As well as the Pomier and Borbon cave, one of the wonders of this city. A series of 55 caves containing the largest collection of 2,000-year-old rock art in the Caribbean primarily by the Taino, but also by the Carib and the Igneri.