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#1 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
TheJohnsons says: "Excellent location next to the Gul Amir, and few minutes walk from the Rejistan...."
#2 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
Biedjee says: "My reviews about the Uzbekistan BBs are getting a bit boring. I have not stayed..."
#3 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
Jeroenadmiraal says: "The hotel looks incredibly kitschy inside. Some hallways are totally in blue, wi..."
#4 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
hauteboy says: "We spent two nights at the Caravan Serail hotel in Samarkand, the rate we paid w..."
#5 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
xxxriainxxx says: "Near the attractions, and situated on a quiet street, this hotel was not so bad...."
#6 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
ulis says: "The Furkat Hotel is very close to the Registon and other attraktions of Samarkan..."
#7 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
RobertPenna says: "First of all, there is no elevator. So if you end up on the 4th floor you are t..."
#8 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
Jahongir Hotel is located within a couple minutes from world famous Registan Ensemble, in the heart of Smarkand city. It is a p...
Average Rate
#9 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
This budget hotel is only a few minutes cab ride from the heart of Samarkand. The hotel's garden offers tranquillity and peace ...
#10 of 14 hotels in Samarkand
The Shaxzoda Hotel is a 3 star Samarkand hotel. Situated 10 km/5 miles from the airport and train station, and in a modern part ...
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