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Salem, MA is usually associated accosicated for it's tourism and cultural aspects typically associated with the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This aspect of the city is embraced highly.

So highly, infact, during non tourist seasons you will not be able to see the museums associated with the history of the city. One of which is the Pirate Museum. Now most people do not associate Salem with Pirates. But Piracy does prove to be a pivital point in US history. They helped with the US win over the Revolutionary War.

In this area notorious pirate captains, such as; Kidd, Blackbeard, Bellamy and Quelch, roamed the waters off Boston's North Shore, known as the Gold Coast, while so-called witches were being hanged at Salem. Like many of today's New Englanders, pirates spent their winters in the tropics and their summers here. Most 17th and 18th-century pirates were, in fact, New Englanders and New Yorkers, with gold and silver from Central America and merchandise from Europe. Many buried their ill-gotten treasures off shore on the islands that dot our coast, and much of it is still there, just waiting to be dug up.

Salem National Maritime National Historic Site is the first National Historic Site designated by Congress.

Remember to ask the shop owners any questions you may have. They have alot of historical knowledge and a wealty of information to share with you!

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