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Sakya, China
Sakya - Sakya Monastery, Sakya, Tibet
Sakya - Hills at Sakya, Tibet
Sakya - Sakya Monastery under construction, Sakya, Tibet
Sakya - 'Expensive Shoping' in Sakya, Tibet

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edsander edsander
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Sakya s*cked ! Oct 09, 2006
Sakya was one of the places we visited on our trip from Lhasa, Tibet to Katmandhu, Nepal. I remember it being a bit of a detour from our route and it certainly not being worth the effort.

Sakya was actually supposed to be very special since it was the home of the Sakya ('Red Hats') order of Tibetan Buddhism and their monastery. In reality Sakya was the only real let-down of our three week trip through Nepal and Tibet. The village itself is a small, dusty but authentic Tibetan hamlet, but the inhabitants were far from friendly. Kids were intrusive, people in the street were unfriendly and the hotel staff was downright arrogant. During a walk in the hills one of our travel companions even got attacked by a shepherd when he tried to have a chat with the local. The guy treatened him and actually fired stoned at him with a slingshot and our friend was forced to hand over his money (of which he fortunately wasn't carrying much).

I'm not sure if this is the standard local mentality but I almost got the feeling than Tibetans with a bad karma must be reincarnated in Sakya ...

The Sakya monastary was a big bummmer as well. Some of the monks were unpleasant and definitely not hospitable. Half of the monastery was being renovated, making the place seem more like an excavation than a religious building. Most of the other half was not even accessible. We were often sent away by monks and construction workers and we really had to be persistant to get a glimps of the famous mandala of the monastery.

A recommended restaurant didn't have cold beer, the internet cafe was closed and the nicely decorated rooms of the hotel didn't have warm water and no water whatsoever in the morning. Orders for additional food during dinner weren't understood by the chinese hotel staff and although the hotel manager had promised to have breakfast ready by 7 o'clock we had to wait another half hour for it to arrive ...

The Animals must have had this village in mind when they wrote the song 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' ...
Sakya Monastery, Sakya, Tibet
Hills at Sakya, Tibet
Sakya Monastery under construction…
'Expensive Shoping' in Sakya, Tibet
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