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Saint Vincent and the 30 nearby Grenadine islands, stretching like drops in the ocean down to Granada, are a picture-perfect Caribbean dream, home to sunken wrecks, towering volcanoes and mile upon mile of sweet-smelling banana plantations. It might reside in Caribbean stereotype central, but aside from the obvious beach side attractions, the islands are also blessed with minimal tourism and outstanding tranquility. Throw in a number that are more than affordable, and you've got yourself an ideal palm-tree-strewn getaway.

Except, that is, in Kingstown. The bustling capital’s cobbled streets are home to potent, heavy air that holds the midday heat, and the relentless sound of car horns and street salesmen, though the quirky shops make it a worthwhile stop off on the way to the tourist enclave of Indian Bay, or the more exotic outer islands.

On the Atlantic side of St. Vincent you’ll find gentle black-sand beaches with vicious offshore waves, while heading inland takes you to the volcanic core of the island; a cloud coated, scrambling hike that peaks with epic forest views and a peak into a handful of impressive craters.

It’s the escapism of the smaller islands that’s really worth searching for, though, where you can live like a king on a pauper’s budget, or dive amongst corals, sponges and sunken wrecks. The undeveloped half of beautiful Canouan is no doubt on plenty of tourist resort’s wish list, so see it before it’s spoiled. The Tobago Cays are like living in a tropical paradise, while getting hold of a yacht and hopping through as many palm-strewn islands as possible while sipping cocktails on the deck has to be up there with the most laid back experiences in the world.

One of the smaller islands, Mustique, was once home to Mick Jagger (amongst numerous other exceptionally successful personalities); you might well bump into the odd celebrity cruising any of the bars of The Grenadines, in between sipping your local rum and snacking on the abundant tropical fruit (just try and avoid a daily dose of banana!). Mustique itself, though, will certainly cost you in terms of accommodation. If the celebrity spotting fails, the pristine beaches, plentiful lizards and mellow reggae beats will more than make up for it.

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