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Saint Pierre and Miquelon Overview

The final remnants of the once-massive territories of North America that France used to call their own, Saint Pierre and Miquelon is an archipelago of small islands in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of Newfoundland and Labrador. The first island, Saint Pierre, is the smaller of the grouping but contains the capital city, and thus is the natural headquarters for visitors coming in. From there, you can stretch out your legs and enjoy the view of the three larger islands, known collectively as Miquelon. Mostly farming villages and summer homes with a varying degree of wildlife, it almost seems a step removed from the quiet bustling that keeps Saint Pierre feeling almost as though it is still a busy colonial town.

Traditionally, Saint Pierre and Miquelon have been made up of fishing communities. The area known as Grand Banks is considered some of the best fishing grounds in the world, and the islands have capitalized on that fact for years along with nearby Newfoundland. However, with the depletion of the cod numbers in recent years the fishing has declined drastically, and the islands are relying more and more on tourism as a way to supplement their income.

Despite its remoteness, the territory has a lot to offer, especially for eco-tourism and colonial exploration. The climate and beauty of the islands are second to none and the people themselves are extremely friendly and inviting; after all, you are helping to make their way of life a continued reality.

The size of the islands means it’s relatively easy to get around on food, although you will need to use the ferries to get between the islands. The currency is a mixture of Euro, American, and Canadian dollars. Visitors should absolutely head to Miquelon during August for the Seafood Festival, as it hosts some of the best French-style seafood-cuisine on the planet. Accommodations are sparse, and really only exist in Saint Pierre itself. A beautiful and remote place to visit, Saint Pierre and Miquelon is accessible to all levels of travelers, though the adventurous spirit will find it more appealing.