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Cheap Sagada Hotels and Deals

#1 of 12 hotels in Sagada
andrejav says: "I knew that it wont be easy to find the place to stay in Segada because we we..."
#2 of 12 hotels in Sagada
arcelle says: "If you are looking for a cozy space in a freezing cold place, then Sagada Homest..."
#3 of 12 hotels in Sagada
yasuyo says: "Isabelo's Inn is very close to the jeepney terminal,easy to find the hotel. The ..."
#4 of 12 hotels in Sagada
mimiparedes says: "i have stayed here for 3d/2n when i wend to Sagada, the location was not that fa..."
#5 of 12 hotels in Sagada
nolan says: "St. Joseph Resthouse is one of the established hostels in Sagada. It is strategi..."
#6 of 12 hotels in Sagada
caloyme says: "Stayed here for 3 nights last April. We were 13 in the group and we had a cottag..."
#7 of 12 hotels in Sagada
icescreeeams says: "Very cozy and it felt like home away from home. Room I stayed in was clean, even..."
#8 of 12 hotels in Sagada
neodaredevil says: "When we went to Sagada this became our home base for 4 days. On our first day ,..."
#9 of 12 hotels in Sagada
joseph98 says: "Upon disembarking from the jeepney from Bontoc, this was the third place I tried..."
#10 of 12 hotels in Sagada
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