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Safety In Dublin Feb 07, 2013
I have based the following on local knowledge having been a resident of Dublin for over thirty years and on insight gleaned from a vast array of experiences travelling here and abroad.

Dublin is a vibrant, bustling, multicultural city with plenty to see and do in the way of entertainment. However it has a down side which travelers/visitors need to be aware of.

Like all large cities it has its problems and drug use and homelessness are rife.

Expect most of the time, to be approached by beggars, some are genuine and some are con artists.

Here are some safety tips:

1. Be wary of street beggars/vendors who are over familiar e.g rubbing your arm or trying to hug you... quite often they operate in 2's, one will distract you whilst his/her companion will snatch your wallet/purse.

2. Always keep valuables such as a video camera/camera in a safe place, preferably in the centre of your rucksack, DO NOT carry expensive looking gear or leave cash visible on your person etc.

3. NEVER, stray of the beaten track, no matter how tempting, side alleys etc, unless you have been assured that the route is safe by locals. like all good travelers are advised try to resemble a resident of Dublin. One sure way you can get noticed for all the the wrong reasons, is to wave a map out in public, or find a quiet coffee shop unless you have perhaps planned your route prior to entering the city.

4. Be VERY WARY of those offering unrealistic cheap Accomodation deals, unless they are from a bonified agency or tour operator.

5.DO NOT be conned by locals charging you money to look at a Heritage Site (believe it or not) THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO SO. this happens more than often, especially now in the South of Ireland.

6. CAR HIRE. Make sure you get the best deal by shopping around on the web before making any decisions, added extra's can make all the difference to your bill at the end of the Holiday.

7. WATCH OUT for service charges in restaurants, tips are fine with discretion and the same applies for Taxi's etc, a reasonable tip would be roughly half of what you paid or less though it is not obligatory.

8.BE VERY CAREFUL AT NIGHT TIME, Dublin is alive at night, after 7pm but with the dark comes the problems, street violence and drink related. Be cautious but not overtly especially around the following areas GRAFTON ST, GEORGE'S ST,TEMPLE BAR, STEPHEN'S GREEN, O 'CONNELL ST AND ANYWHERE ALONG THE BOARDWALK TO THE FOUR COURTS.

9.If approached by Gangs demanding money, be polite, avoid direct eye contact and above all DO NOT be confrontational.

10. Lastly enjoy your stay and more than likely you will not encounter any of these problems, these are the things the guide books don't tell you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any suggestions or comments you might have.
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