Safaripark Beekse Bergen

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Beekse Bergen 31, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

Safaripark Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek Reviews

Suusj Suusj
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Safaripark de Beekse Bergen Feb 20, 2013
Safaripark de Beekse Bergen is a Zoo near Tilburg.

The Beekse Bergen is a special kind of Zoo. A lot of the animals walk around without a fence! There are 4 ways to explore the park. With a Safari bus, there are two different routes, they take about 45 minutes each. Second option is to go by Safari boot. The boot is available from April to October. Third option is to go by foot. And the forth and final option is to go by car. Yes your own car! So you can get up close and personal with the animals.

Ofcourse it is safe to walk around, it is not like the Lions can come up to you that close :).

We choose to walk. There was a line in front of the safari bus and we didn't want to wait. So we went by foot. It was a bit cold the day we went so not al the animals were outside. But some of the sleeping accommodations were open so you could visit them inside.

Fun fact. There were 2 newborns. One Giraffe and one Rhino, really cute :-).

I would definitely recommend this zoo! I would go again but definitely when it is a bit warmer. It was cold so we left after a coupe of hours. I think that if it was warmer we would have stayed longer and relaxed more. We just kept on going to keep warm.

Food is expensive as it is most of the time at zoo's and amusement parks. But it was good so I didn't mind paying it.

The Zoo is open 365 days, so the whole year round!

Winter price € 15

Summer price € 21.50

Opening Hours

January 10.00 - 16.00 uur

Febuary 10.00 - 16.30 uur

March, April, May en June 10.00 - 17.00 uur

July en August 10.00 - 18.00 uur

September, October 10.00 - 17.00 uur

November 10.00 - 16.30 uur

December 10.00 - 16.00 uur
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Schapie1 Schapie1
8 reviews
Very nice zoo where habitats are very large and natural Mar 22, 2012
I recently visited Safaripark Beekse Bergen and I was positively surprised. The park is very large and the habitats for the animals are very large too. More than in other zoos, you have the feeling of being on safari in another country.

I would absolutely recommend to make a bus safari. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you make a tour through several habitats. Some animals are coming very close to the vehicle during the tour. If you want to have some time to make more photo's, you can choose to drive through the areas with your own car. In the summer you can also make a boat safari. Unfortunately this specific tour was closed during the winterperiod when I visited the zoo.
irish_dancer irish_da…
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A fun day, for all ages Mar 17, 2009
Recently I have visited the Safaripark Beekse Bergen again. Last time I went there I was 10. A lot has changed since then: a lot of safari possibilities have been added. When the park first opened, the only options were either driving your own car or taking a bus; now you can still do that, but they added a boat safari (in season) and a walking safari. Of course you won't be walking amid the lions, but you're still able to see them very good.

There are 2 restaurants in the park: one near the entrance, one half way of the safari. Both are kinda small and expensive. The park from time to time offers deals: we had the pinguin deal (it's winter), including entrance, cup of hot choco with apple pie and dutch Erwtensoep (pea soup). And it was a very good please keep an eye out for those!

The animals are amazing to see: they have spacious areas to roam; if you do the walking tour, ýou'll have a chance to not see them up close. Because of the weather we did the second half by bus (midway you can chance safari's, except when travelling by car), and the lovely lady driving the bus also gave a lot of information on the animals.
Baby wilde beast
aggieaggie aggieagg…
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Safaripark Beekse Bergen Jan 08, 2009
Safaripark Beekse Bergen is a nice park to stay for a weekend, or longer.

I was there for a weekend in a bungalow.

The bungalow park is situated around a lake, some of the bungalows are in the woods, but I had a great look over the lake from my bungalow.

In the centre of the park was a building called "Club Africa" where all activities are centralised, like a restaurant and more.

The restaurant isn’t great, but good enough for two days.

There are several things to do in Beekse Bergen like Speelland (to play) for the children and the safari park by car, by boat, or safari bus and you also can go walking.

I’ve ever did it by car and the last time by bus, but I prefer by car.

The bus driver stopped in each area, to tell things about the wild animals I saw, but they were to far away, I couldn’t take pictures about them.

I’ve seen pelicans, penguins, giraffes, lions, horses, camels, big birds, rhinos, kangaroos and deer’s.

It's a nice park, but I had enough for a day.

They said, it’s like if you are in Africa, I had not that feeling, but for a day, it’s really a nice park to visit.
larissa7 larissa7
13 reviews
Safaripark Jul 30, 2009
Many way to go through this park, onw car, bus, train or even walking (with ranger olny)
Devika1985 Devika19…
49 reviews
Sep 13, 2007
In Hilvarenbeek near Tilburg you'll find Safaripark De Beekse Bergen. In this park you'll find all kinds of animals from the continent of Africa. You can see those animals by making a safaritrip. You can choose to do a safari on foot, by boat, by bus and by car. You can see how the animals are being fed and you can go and watch a demonstration with birds. There is also a playpark for children wich is called Kilimanjaro. For the really small children there is the MiniManjaro :) (hihi I think that sounds sooo cute) TIP: be sure to go on a day when it doesn't rain. My boss and his wife and children went one day when it was raining and the children were like "mummy mummy we cant see any animals!" and there was one big roof in the whole animal - area and after they drove around for an hour or something they reached the area with the roof and all the animals were standig together under the roof haha. It was very funny but not so funny for the children! :)

The entrance fee varies from season to season but it's not that high, somewhere around 15/16 euro's.
liekevo liekevo
41 reviews
Safaripark Beekse Bergen Oct 14, 2007
A nice Safaripark wich you can explore in different ways: by boat, bus, foot or car (everything is included in one ticket). The park has a lot of different animals from the African continent. When you take the bus or boat there is a guide that tells stories about the animals. I'm not sure if they do it in english too, it was in dutch when i was there.

In the summerseason there is a very nice birdshow and you can watch some of the animals being fed. Besides the animals there are a lot of playgrounds for the children.
Safaritour by car
Calimero the biggest African eleph…
dolfijn dolfijn
53 reviews
Safaripark Beekse Bergen Aug 20, 2007
Safari park Beekse Bergen

In this park you'll find all kind of animals from the continent of Afrika, Azie, Australia and Europe.

This is the biggest wildlife park of the Benelux.

You'll find 150 different kind of animal species (mammals or birds).

Explore this park in different manners; there are safaritours on foot, by car, by coach or by boat.

It is a great way to see all the animals in there own environment.

Fabulous day out with the kids or alone!
Safaripark Beekse Bergen
Entrance Beekse Bergen
Pearl510 says:
Hey I've been here when I was a kid! How funny, I had almost forgotten it but now it's all coming back! I loved it back than, I remember thinking: poor giraffes they must feel so cold here :)
Posted on: May 14, 2008

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