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Paris, France

Sacré Coeur Paris Reviews

curious_claire curious_…
78 reviews
Great view of Paris Apr 28, 2015
The Sacre Coeur, or the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, is a Roman Catholic church that is a must see Paris attraction. It's on top of a hill so you get a fantastic view of the city. But don't worry if you don't want to walk up there is a monorail.

The church itself is stunning and free to visit so worth checking out. But be aware because it attracts a lot of tourists you will get the french scammers who will try to force a bracelet on you and then demand money for it. But don't let this stop you going
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Zagnut66 says:
I visited about fifteen years ago and remember a couple making out when we were up in the dome taking photos. Never expected to see that in a church.
Posted on: Apr 29, 2015
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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
A definite must-visit Sep 25, 2012
Otherwise known as "Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris" is situated at the high point in Paris making it a must see in my checklist (or every tourist thats comes to Paris).

We didnt know that there was a new train station just at the foot of the Church so we had taken the metro and took a slow walk up the hill!

By the time we reached the Church, its a no brainer why theres so many tourists!! As outstanding as it was when I first saw it while on top the Eiffel Tower, it was more impressive upclose :)

There is a good and bad thing (or more bad than good actually) abt there being so many tourists - there was a prayer in session and we were advised NOT to take pictures in the Church but some people just chose to keep snapping away which I find very disrepectful. Yes indeed, the Church is beautiful but this is still a house of God.

I am Muslim & my boyfriend is Christian but we respect the wishes of the people in the Roman Catholic Church so we kept our cameras away. We sat infront of the altar for quite sometime actually just absorbing the beauty of the Church, the sense of serenity it provides and people watching (just joking about the crazy things the other tourists are doing to snap a picture or others snoring away before the altar).

It was very hot outside so I could not resist putting my feet in the fountain (a little gal was sitting right inside the fountain cooling herself off).
View of the Basilica from the Eiff…
Pardon Moi ;)
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FoxyFauz says:
I was not aware of that, anyway theres loads of tourist there so it could be pretty tricky.
Posted on: Jul 22, 2014
surfrguyla says:
A friend of told me before I visited the Sacre Coeor a few years ago that if I walked down the left side of the building there is a small door towards the end that is easy to miss, but I found it, paid the nun sitting there a certain amount of francs, then had this amazing walk up through the walls of the cathedral to a terrace. Does anyone know if you can still do this?
Posted on: Jul 20, 2014
FoxyFauz says:
Haha least if u really really really cant resist the urge - dont use the flash and try to minimize on the number of pictures that u really really must take :) I really pity the Church officials who have to keep turning their back every now and then to give those tourist "the look" whenever the flashes keep popping
Posted on: Sep 26, 2012
killustrations killustr…
25 reviews
Must-see in Montmartre! Jan 30, 2012
The Sacré Coeur was definitely one of the highlights of my visit in Paris! I went there on my first night in Paris, and there was a Christmas market going on in the area which made it seem so festive, it was wonderful! :)

The instead of the basilica is gorgeous and I was lucky enough to have been there while the nuns were singing, which made it even more amazing! The night view of Paris from the outside of the basilica is absolutely breathtaking, but definitely keep a hand on your purse at all times while you're there, the place can get crowded and it's notorious for having loads of pickpockets!
SevenContinents SevenCon…
4 reviews
A little slice of heaven May 19, 2011
A quick recommendation to grab a baguette, some nice cheese and a little wine and head up to the grass in front of Sacre Coeur for a picnic while watching the entire city of Paris in front of you. Admittedly, I had the addition of the "Bob Marley types" drumming and singing the first time while the hundreds of us joined in creating unity, scenery and music with some of the best picnic eats possible, so I may be slightly biased about this location. But I still make it a stop every time I head back to Paris.
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aarbar aarbar
3 reviews
Watch the sun set over Paris... Apr 17, 2011
By far my favourite area of this beautiful city. Yes, it is a tourist trap, but I have a lot of good memories, having a picnic with new friends while watching the sun set over Paris. It's a popular area for street performers. After completing the Paris marathon we settled here for a drink to chill and soak in the atmosphere when a cloud of bubbles drifted over our heads, to the joy of many children that were around. And to myself also :-)

If you look around, there is a spot where you can view the Effiel tower (which sparkles every hour). You can view the city from the top of the building, and there is access to the crypt below. I did neither, because I always prefer to enjoy the company and not get hung up on tours which leave you a little light-pocketed :-)
nbruce nbruce
2 reviews
Beautiful cathedral, beautiful view. Mar 12, 2011
After walking up the numerous steps you are definitely rewarded with the beautiful view over Paris. Definitely rivals the view you see from the Eiffel tower.
sarahthevegasbride sarahthe…
69 reviews
Fantastic Views from the Top! Oct 16, 2010
Sacre Coeur was our favourite building in Paris!

The views from the top were fab and it was only 5 euros each to go up Bargain.

Highly recommend.
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sarahthevegasbride says:
Most certainly the best view of Paris!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
ajdennis1980 says:
Best view's of Paris, FACT!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
sarah_82 sarah_82
14 reviews
Montmartre's Sacre Coeur Jul 14, 2008
Many people come to Sacré-Coeur to admire the superlative view from the top of the 271-foot-high dome, the second highest point in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. If you opt to skip the climb up the spiral staircase, the view from the front steps is well worth the trip.

But don't miss spending some time inside the basilica gazing at the massive golden mosaic set high above the choir, created by Luc Olivier Merson, and entitled Christ in Majesty. Completed in 1922, it remains one of the largest mosaics of its kind and is meant to represent France's devotion to the Sacred Heart. There's also the seemingly endless vaulted arches in the basilica's crypt, the portico's bronze doors -- decorated with biblical scenes including the Last Supper -- as well as the stained-glass windows, which were installed in 1922, destroyed by bombing during WWII, and later rebuilt in 1946. The basilica's 262 ft.-high campanile hangs La Savoyarde, one of the world's heaviest bells weighing about 19 tons.

The basilica was constructed in the nineteenth century, and was criticized by some as the time as gawdy, with its tapering white marble domes, but, like so many other landmarks in Paris, it came to be accepted after a time, and now it is hard to imagine Paris without it.
(not my photo)
SoloSister SoloSist…
23 reviews
Dec 15, 2007
This was my favorite sight in Paris, the big white church atop a huge hill in the Montmartre district had, what seemed like special magic surrounding it. The "Holy Heart" church was exceptionally beautiful on the outside with the faded white walls and even more so on the inside.

The stained glass windows cast a kaleidoscope of light, there was continuous prayer ceremonies so we weren't allowed to take pictures and walked through in reverent silence, talking in hushed tones.

As part of tradition, I lit a candle and sent a prayer up to the heavens. The church was overwhelming - big, beautiful and filled with a special feeling of welcomed sanctuary. I wish I had more time to spend there.
sylviandavid says:
What a nice review....
Posted on: Dec 26, 2009
derekbilldaly says:
Totally, the view, the atmosphere, the old cobbled winding streets. Thats the Paris I want to know from the old black and white movies
Posted on: Jun 18, 2008
SoloSister says:
It's surrounded by magic, isn't it?
Posted on: Jun 18, 2008

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