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Sipadan, Malaysia

SCUBA Dive Sipadan Reviews

Gene19 Gene19
3 reviews
Scuba Diving in Sipadan Dec 21, 2014
Still to this day, I consider myself very lucky to have dived Sipadan. It has been the best scuba diving I have ever done in my whole life. This is a must visit for all scuba diving enthusiasts.

Barracuda Point and Turtle Cavern are the best sites around the island in my opinion. You will need Cavern Certification to go in Turtle Cavern. Barracuda Point, huge schools of jackfish, barracuda, bumphead parrotfish. There are turtles literally everywhere, never seen so many turtles in my life. Everywhere you look, there is so much to see, the macro life at Kapalai is fantastic.

Depending on the time of year, you also get hammerhead sharks if you are lucky.
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arnoudhofman arnoudho…
7 reviews
Diving around Sipadan Sep 07, 2009
Sipadan has everything to offer a diver could possibly want. Pristine corals, sheer drop-offs, numerous fish species, turtles, caves, drifts, good visibility and warm waters. Combine that with the availability of easy to reach accommodations, ranging from cheap to very expensive and you have a must-see dive location.

There is no accommodation on the island itself, since it is a protected nature reserve. Accommodation can be found on the nearby islands Mabul and Kapalai and on the mainland. You have to have a permit to dive near the island. Only 120 permits are distributed a day, which means diving is limited to allow all the surrounding resorts to offer their guests a trip to the island.

We stayed at the Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART) on the island Mabul. They offer accommodation in bungalows standing in the water or on land. Accommodation, service and food was excellent. Every day we made two dives at Sipadan (half an hour by speedboat) and one dive at Mabul or Kapalai.

Diving at Mabul or Kapalai means 'muck-diving'. No abundance of corals, just sand and artificial reefs made up by wooden structures, wrecks or plain rubbish. Visibility is often terrible, but the rare species you can see here make up for everything. It's a paradise for macro photographers.

More pictures at:
Goby on coral, drop-off Sipadan
Ianthella Basta and Lara, Sipadan
Lara gets swallowed by the reef. …
Nudibranche, Mabul
sethwd2 says:
Wow, I agree..amazing pictures
Posted on: Jul 18, 2011
oldschoolbill says:
Great Pictures!!
Posted on: Sep 07, 2009
alanmica alanmica
1 reviews
Jun 16, 2006
Sipadan Island is on everyones list as one of the best SCUBA diving destinations in the world. Sipadan Island has one of the richest marine habitats in the world. Located off the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia on the Island of Borneo, the Island plunges 2,000 meters straight down to the sea floor, strong marine currents sweep past the island bringing nutrient rich cold waters to the surface and supporting the entire marine food chain.

The abundance of large marine animals is so common and overwhelming the dive instructors who work there are so bored with seeing dozens of green and hawks bill turtles, schools of white-tip and Grey reef sharks on each and every dive. With the ever present eagles rays, devil rays, manta rays, big-eyed trevally, and barracuda swirls that black out the sun, it almost shocking when the dive masters spend their time looking past these large animals for nudie branches, Ghost fish and searching through the clown fish's (Nemo) home looking for anemone shrimp and bubble coral shrimp. Hard to believe that with so much large ocean life around them they get the most excited about finding the smallest creatures. But as you spend more and more time here, frog fish, lion fish and scorpion leaf fish will seem common to you too.

I even saw a juvenile Whale Shark on my first dive at Sipadan. The Whale Shark is one of the most hoped for sighting of most SCUBA divers as there isn't a big "fish" in the ocean, and despite there size they are completely harmless (as long as you don't get hit by their tail as they swim by) and feed on krill.

Sipadan isn't just for sharks, turtles, and coral walls that drop 2,000 meters, nearby is Mabul, where you can see some of the weirdest animals in the sea on a "muck-dive". In Mabul you will see seahorses, dwarf stone fish, harlequin ghost pipe-fish, scorpion fish and frogfish, some of the seas oddest looking treasures. Also nearby Sipadan is Mantabuan, here you can actually see black coral, normally found well below 40 meters, too deep for most recreational divers, here the rare and precious coral can be found in just 22 meters of water. Even if black coral was the only thing you would see in Mantabuan it would be worth the trip, but Mantabuan also has pristine coral in which you will see angelfish, damsel fish, numerous varieties of shrimp and crab, and of course more turtles than you can blow bubbles at. Blue spotted sting ray and flamboyant cuttlefish are also numerous here in Mantabuan. In addition you will find over 25 great island for diving in the Sipadan area including Kapali, Sibuan, and the tropical paradise of Mataking, on the Malaysia Phillipne boarder, where they filmed the first season of Survivor.

One of the reasons that Sipadan is one the worlds greatest SCUBA diving destinations is how easy it is to get here. You can reach the town of Semporna on the East coast of Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo very easily. Daily flight to Tawau, just an hour away by bus or by car, go directly to Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia or Singapore, both major international transportation hubs. In addition, you can fly to the capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu just 8 hours away by bus. Air Asia flights are the cheapest around, you can fly from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau for as little as $2USD (plus taxes). That would be a shame though because between KK and Semporna there is the tallest mountain in all of Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu, hiking this beautiful mountain makes a wonderful contrast to diving at Sipadan. Also along the way you can stop at an Orang-utan rehabilitation center just outside of Sandikan, go to a sea turtle sanctuary, or spend the night in a jungle longhouse looking for exotic land animals to go with the marine life that you are guaranteed to see.

Spend your days in some of the most beautiful waters in the world and your afternoons and evening relaxing in the seaside town of Semporna, while there isn't much going on in the way of nightlife, take the opportunity to go on a night dive and see the ocean give you a light show that you will never forget.
the beach on Sipadan Island
yachiyo says:
Aww I'm so jeaous! But I really enjoyed reading your Travel Review! I like to scuba dive too and one of my friend from this site recommended Sipadan to me. Sipadan looks like amazing place for divers! But I'm still a bigginer at diving and so I hope to visit the island someday in the future after I get more experiences. Anyway I have a plan to go to Koh Tao this month and can't wait about diving there! Again....thanks for your wonderful Travel Review!:)
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007
lisa says:
sounds awesome!
Posted on: Apr 30, 2007

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