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Bolivia has nine departments, one of them is La Paz and other Beni. "Rurrenabaque" is a town located on the border between these two departments on the banks of the Beni River and in the department of the same name.
If we crossed the river (takes no more than five minutes) on the other side is "San Buenaventura" that belongs to the department of La Paz.
To travel to Rurrenabaque the most advisable is to go through the city of La Paz and travel or by land about 12 hours on a path not very good, or take a plane on a flight that lasts about thirty minutes and flies over the Andes with a wonderful view of Huayna Potosi.
Rurrenabaque is the starting point to various places, the mainly is the rainforest "Madidi Park" that belongs to La Paz and the other is "The Pampas" on the Rio Yacumo belonging to Beni.
Rurrenabaque have good hotels with all prices, good restaurants and enjoys a tropical climate all year.