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Ruby Falls Chattanooga Reviews

Cho Cho
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Under the ground at Ruby Falls Nov 05, 2015
After our excursion on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, we continued down the road to another tourist attraction called Ruby Falls which is named after a 145 foot (45 meters) waterfall located deep within Lookout Mountain and has been thrilling visitors for over 85 years.

We already had admission tickets which we had bought earlier when we made the tour of Rock City. They were two in one discounted tickets for both attractions, Rock City and Ruby Falls. However, there were a lot more people here and we had to wait in line to take the elevator down to the cavern. The elevator door has a window so you can see the rock walls whizzing by as it descends into the earth.

When we reached the bottom the elevator operator handed our group to a tour guide who leads you along a paved, level pathway. The paths are narrow in most places, and is roped for incoming and outgoing groups, so we passed a lot of people coming and going. At some places we actually had to stop to let another group pass.

It was very interesting to see the natural rock formations. As you can see in the attached photos, some of the shapes and forms are really intriguing, and look like the real thing, and the owners have labeled them as such. The guide also gave a running commentary as we walked along the way, and at each stop pointing out various formations and cave facts. Oh, a couple of times she also checked to see if anybody in her group was lagging behind!

To give a brief background of the Falls; in the late 1920's a cave explorer named Leo Lambert and a team of excavators found a huge waterfall located over 1,120 feet/342 meters below the surface of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga in the state of Tennessee. Lambert named the falls after his wife, Ruby, and opened the area as a public attraction in 1930.

The highlight of our tour was of course, the breathtaking waterfalls which was illuminated. However, I thought that the lighting effects were overdone. I felt that the psychedelic lights (which kept changing colors) resulted in giving the waterfalls an eerie sparkle. I think it would have a more natural look if only one color was used for viewing purposes.

After we finished our tour we took the elevator once again to go up to the reception area which was thankfully located above ground. Browsed around the gift shop but didn't purchase anything as everything was pricey. Also went up to have a look from the Lookout Tower and saw a panoramic view of the city of Chattanooga and its environs.

For me, as it was the first time going underground, so to speak, I enjoyed the educational adventure and gained some knowledge as well. I imagine for those suffering from claustrophobia this tour would be more of an arduous ordeal.
At the entrance to Ruby Falls
The Lookout Tower at the entrance
View of the city of Chattanooga
Plaque at Lookout Mountain/Ruby Fa…
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Ils1976 says:
that sounds all so interesting!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2015
Cho says:
Em, I'm glad to hear you like my excursions around the USA. I have many more to write about in the coming months. I love your tours of Europe too. In fact, I prefer the east and central European countries (the former socialist nations) to western Europe.
Posted on: Nov 01, 2015
EmEm says:
I love your excursions, Cho! Yesterday I had only time to pass through the photos, but today I am back to travel with you on your discovery tour of the USA.
Posted on: Nov 01, 2015
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kikielias kikielias
1 reviews
Something Different Jul 20, 2010
This was totally worth $16.99. Your walked through this cavern and taken pretty far underground until you reach this underground 145ft natural waterfall. It's lit really well and is a spectacular thing to see. Only downfall is that your not allowed to play in the water :(, because it has 12x the content in milk of magnesium. So if you drink it your going to get the runs.
The little white specks are bits o…
This is the waterfall. I took the …
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Geli65 Geli65
3 reviews
beautiful Apr 06, 2009
I'm very claustrophobic so I wasnt sure I could handle going under ground in an ellivator. It wasnt as bad as I thought and it was well worth it. Ruby Falls is beautiful. I will go there again.
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X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
A 145 foot tall underground waterfall! May 04, 2008
Lookout Mountains cave system has been a part of the local history for centuries, but in 1905 the Southern Railroad Co in building its rail system had to cut a tunnel across the face of Lookout Mountain and close off the natural entrance.

A local cave enthusiast, Leo Lambert, knew about the cave and wanted to reopen it but from a different point. He wanted to drop an elevator shaft down from well above. He finally got enough investors together and in the fall of 1928 began the effort. Then on Dec. 28th a small void in the rock gushed some air. This was not expected because it was 160 feet above the original cave. A small crew went down to explore the new find. It was only 18 inches high and about five feet wide. They crawled through and found some wonderful formations and finally the falls. That first entry took them 17 hours for the round trip. Leo was so pleased with his discovery that he went and got his wife to join him on a return trip into the cave. When they arrived at the falls he proclaimed that he was naming the falls after her…. and thus it became Ruby Falls.

Today only the Ruby Falls cave is open to the public and it has been opened up with fairly level trails cut so that you can walk to the 145 foot tall falls which is over 1100 feet below ground. This as a real thrill to see and experience.
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tx_bnb_girl says:
We visited here when I was about 15 with my family. It is still one of my favorite caves I've been to.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
vulindlela says:
That looks cool!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
ckubojiri says:
This place looks really fun! Way to go on the feature. ;)
Posted on: Aug 09, 2008
ejames01 ejames01
34 reviews
Ruby Falls Aug 09, 2008
What a great place to visit while on vacation. Great fun for the entire family. It's located on Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee just of of I-24. You can buy a combo ticket for Ruby Falls, Incline Railway, and Rock City.
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