Rozengrâls Medieval Restaurant

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Rozengrâls Medieval Restaurant Reviews

Onthewind Onthewind
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Stepping back Mar 12, 2012
Just returned from a trip to Riga and I am putting this restaurant as a particular highlight! I got to say that I have never visited a medieval restaurant before and so I cannot compare it to another experience.

We walked down the steps into a large, candle-lit cellar and greeted by a waiter who was dressed in the medieval attire and he showed us to one of the solid wooden tables. The menu consisted of meats, fruit, vegetables and nuts associated with the 13th century. Rabbit, venison, lamb and duck were available but with the noticeable absent of potatoes. With these dishes we had some scone-like bread which arrived in cloth and some Latvian beer served in goblets.

I was intending to have a desert too at the start of the meal, but I found the main course very filling at so I passed. The food was delicious, the staff very friendly and the atmosphere has to be experienced.

With my limited Latvian knowledge I would suggest that this was an expensive restaurant, but I am sure you would not regret trying this place. We paid around 19 Lats each but I would recommend it to anyone without any hesitation.

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GeorgeLeach GeorgeLe…
70 reviews
Fresh Fish Circa 66AD May 01, 2010
Right, first thing's first. I've marked this as 'expensive' but that's really only by Latvian standards. Us rich westerners should be more than capable of at least affording a drink!

Personally I thought this place was great. Located in a celler on Rozena 1, it's about as close as I've ever gotten too actual medieval food, albeit in a more hygenic manner than they probably used to have it. Basically ever meal has a little story next to it with nothing being older than the 13th centery. There's also a complete lack of potatoes as they didn't get to Europe until the 15th centery (Drake maybe? I forget) and your drink choice consists of wine, beer or, suprisingly tasty, fruit juices complete with their own goblet! The bread also comes wrapped in a rag, which is a bit weird, but very nice.

Besides the staff being dressed for the age you also get the music of a group of bards during your meal who move from room to room.

All in all, it's great fun and while not the cheapest the experiance makes up for the price compared to some other places. Either way, it's gotta be more fun than TGI Friday's or Steak Haus right? Give it a whirl.
tirsomaldonado tirsomal…
322 reviews
Authentic medieval restaurant Aug 27, 2009
The restaurant ROZENGRĀLS is located in the centre of Old Riga on the Rozena Street. These premises were mentioned in the scripts in 1293 as the most ancient wine-vault and festival place of the Riga City Council! It is located between Doma Laukums (square) and the city hall.

I have been to several medieval restaurants and Hotels and this is by far the most authentic. Right at the Entrance you find two waiters dressing medieval clothes and you also find some old furniture right on the street. Once you go in you find everything lightened by candles. You will not find any lamps or bulbs; the only light you get comes from candle lamps! The tables and chairs are made of solid wood and all decoration reminds you to a royal banquet in King Arthur´s Court! ☺

Even the menu is inspired in old recipes and the food is served in typical medieval utensils! There is a big dining room and also private rooms to celebrate more intimate parties! I had Rabbit meat stewed with prunes and cedar nuts. This dish was served to the wedding feast of Isabella of Bavaria. Emilio had Duck drumstick baked in the oven with cherry-onion jam. One of the most favorite dishes of the King of Naples and Sardinia, Rene of Anjou. (14 th century).

The place was not only original and authentic but the food was superb! In Spain we eat Rabbit a lot, and here they made it very very tasty! We had local beers to drink and no desserts.

It is not cheap if you compare it to other Latvian Restaurants, but it is definitely worth every penny! The whole bill came out to be 60 euros for 2 people! Not sure if you have to book in advance, but we did in the morning before dinner!! Enjoy it, you will love it!!
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sarahthevegasbride says:
This place looks really cool! i have put this on my list.
Posted on: Oct 03, 2010
marvin_tpr says:
Where tourists come to see tourists.
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
Englishteacher26 Englisht…
7 reviews
A true Medieval feeling.. Feb 19, 2009
If you visit Riga you should really go to Rozengrals, a medieval restaurant.. It looks as if time stood still; a stunning ancient wine vault, live Medieval music, Medieval clothing, and you can only eat Medieval food.. a true blast!

I really recommand going here!!
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