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bradbud bradbud
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Riveting Royal Gorge! Jun 06, 2011
My family and I went to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park this last May, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit!!!!!

I was a bit skeptical when we first arrived and realized how much our visit was going to cost to get in but we paid it anyways. However once we were inside the park and started doing everything, we realized that the price was well worth it! It might not seem like it at first, but it really depends on how much you do (there's a lot!) as the tickets are all inclusive.

We rode the incline railway (probably an antique :) but maintained wonderfully) down to the river where we got out and walked around for a bit before going back up. I would try to get to this early (10:30 or 11:00) because the line seemed quite long when we walked back by later in the afternoon. We probably got on the incline a little after 11 and it wasnt too bad. Once back at the top we ate our picnic lunch we brought (they let you bring your own food and drinks into the park) at some picnis table and then rode the carosel :) (for the young at heart!)

Next we walked across the bridge and rode the Aerial Tramway back (a helpful hint from the admissions personnel so we wouldnt have to walk up hill as much) This was a little nerve racking because of how high it was and there were cracks between the planks on the bridge where you could see the river below. But it was worth it for the pictures and the view! Another option would have been to take the trolley across the bridge or even drive our own vehicle!(included in the ticket price).

On the other side of the bridge we enjoyed some live music while we ate homemade ice cream and then watched a short video in the theater on how the bridge was built, went to a magic show, and all the little shops. We then visited the petting zoo with the kids, the mountain-man encampment (where the kids panned for gold). We also walked through the wildlife park (not too big for walking around) and saw bigorn sheep, buffalo (they had a white/albino one?) and elk, plus all the little babies that had just been born! :)

By far the most exhilarating part of our trip was when my husband and I rode the skycoaster! Yikes! After the bridge I was not looking forward to it, but my husband said that it was on our bucket list and he had to, so we did :) This was an additional cost (I think the trail rides are extra too) but I can now say that I have been on the world's highest skycoaster and it was an absolute blast!!!

Finally we rode the Aerial Tram back across the gorge. The tram was a bit crowded but still worth the ride for the pictures and scenery (I'm a picture fanatic). We ended up in the gift shop right by the entrance so the tip we had recieved earlier saved us an uphill jaunt (Thank You!) Before leaving the kids rode the carosel one last time and we rode the miniature train right outside the park (a short but humerous and fun ride) which was the perfect way to end our day! :)Overall, the employees were very nice and extremely helpful! The rides were unique, fun, and revealed magnificent views. My family and I had a wonderful time and will definitely be going back in the future!!!

**Helpful Hints: Bring good walking shoes (up and downhill parts) and be prepared to do lots of walking, bring water and a lunch (picnic tables to eat at inside the park), a light jacket just in case, and a camera! :) Start earlier in the day so the lines aren't too long and it will be a better temperature for all the walkting around you'll be doing. Make sure you do everything the park has to offer so you can get your money's worth; besides, it is lots of fun!

Be prepared to spend some money when entering the park ($25/adult and $19/child) and on whatever little knick-knacks you want. We found out later that if you buy tickets early in the morning (before 9 i think) then they are cheaper because the rides aren't open yet but i'm not sure what the cost is.

Most importantly, enjoy your trip!!! It really is quite an experience!!!
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1Satine 1Satine
9 reviews
Royal Gorge Feb 10, 2010
Got a rebate by spending only 1 hour at the location to see the tallest suspension bridge in the world! Amazingly breathtaking, but hard to find. Takes forever to get to by car, and once you're nearby, you're fooled into thinking you haven't quite made it... it's hiding, but it's there! Will never forget the experience of walking over that bridge by foot -- takes about 15 minutes to do... but it sways in the wind. I took a tram one way and walked back the other way.
alyssa_ob alyssa_ob
244 reviews
Jul 25, 2007
The Royal Gorge Bridge is the world's highest suspension bridge. The bridge spans the Arkansas River 1053 below. The rocks in the gorge are composed of beautiful gneiss. The entrance ticket is expensive - $23 per adult. The catch is that it includes a bunch of features - you can't just walk over the bridge. The ticket includes walking/driving the bridge, the aerial tram, inclined railroad, trolley and carosel, and maybe something else. The skycoaster is not included but definitely worth the extra $20 per person! The swing takes you out over the gorge and you get a great view. There is also a scenic train that travels up the gorge and passes below the bridge, as well as numerous whitewater rafting tours on the river.
view from tram
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iwantasammich says:
oh yeah ... great review. I was there last week! I got there late so i just did the bridge tour so it was $13/ticket I think. There's coupons at the gas stations in town. Anyways, wish I had more time to do all the stuff you did. But it was great to just get out there and see the sites. I think I would just woulda went around the gorge myself instead building a bridge, can't imagine building something like far down! I definitely recommend going to check it out. Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, 7 falls are also nearby in Colorada Springs (1hr away).
Posted on: Aug 02, 2007

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