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Roswell is located in the state of New Mexico, and has a population of near 50,000. The area became famous for the UFO incident which happened near here in 1947.

Nowadays, most of the money that comes in is from Tourism.

The supposed site "Area 51" is not located in Roswell, New Mexico but in Nevada.

Popular attractions in the town is the International UFO Museum and several 'extra-terrestial' gift shops.

Street Lamps in downtown Roswell are 'Alien-shaped heads' for laterns.

The UFO crash that sturred up everything in 1947 was made worse by the army and airforce acting 100% like they were covering up a flying saucer incident. The "crash site" was fenced off and had 24 hour armed guards at the site. The main witnesses were theatened with death from the military if they talked about it. The space ship and alien bodies were taken to Area 51 in Nevada.
I dont believe or disbelieve the incident.